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Thank you, Lisel smiley

On another note - If picking palettes for both march and april now, couldn't one of them be a soft pallette, as mentioned in the first part of this thread...

Lily, maybe we could use the Pantone Spring Palette for the Raindrops and Rainbows theme (emphasis on watercolor/fantasy) but provide the pastel version of some/all of the colors, too? I think that would be nice!

I smiley that Pantone color palette!

I hope I don't offend anyone, but I'm about "tealed/aquaed" out. We have had shades of teal and aqua in the last two palettes. For the Raindrop and Rainbows theme I would prefer either Erin's pantone spring palette or the one I presented because it has yellow, a true yellow, and other colors of the rainbow. The colors of either of these two palettes could remain strong, but alternative lightened (pastel) shades of the same colors could be used for those wanting softer shades. I'll put one together and post it here.

Erin: that sounds like it would become a very beautiful pallette! smiley

Very excited to see what you lovely ladies can do with that and a watercolor/fantasy theme. I think it could turn out very beautiful and special smiley

Okay, here is a compilation of the raindrops and rainbows palette I suggested and the spring pantone palette that Erin suggested. I have lightened several of the colors as pastel options for those who asked for a softer palette. Wouldn't the darker shades and the lighter shades still work together?

Also, I adore the suggestion for a pocket scrapping theme for a blog train. I hope I don't offend anyone, but I'm about "tealed/aquaed" out, so I think a neutral palette with some added colors (not teal or aqua) would be a great palette. Again, that is just my opinion smiley When and if we do a fantasy themed train I think teal/aqua shades would fit perfectly. As I mentioned previously, early in this thread there were several awesome theme suggestions, too! Especially Karyn's suggestions of dinosaurs, Indians (all encompassing) and local heroes to cover police, firemen, EMT, doctors, nurses, etc. Or separate the local heroes for police, firemen, soldiers then a "medical" theme for doctors, nurses, EMT? Just thinking ahead.

Robyn's palette in #27 would be a great neutral palette.

Great palette Dawn smiley

I know it is a bit out of topic - but speaking of a april theme it got me thinking... In april is the "project semicolon" day. It is about surviving depression, mental illness and suicide thoughts, and is a thing very close to my heart.

Maybe at one point you could do a "good cause" theme - or a "bringing hope" theme?

Just a thought (and sorry any misspellings) smiley

Lily, that could be a fantastic alternative interpretation of the "raindrops and rainbows" theme, if someone wanted to go for a less-literal approach to the theme. I could see that take working really well with an art-journal sort of style.

I wouldn't mind keeping it to something like black, white, silver, beige, tan, brown, a slightly olive green, a more pine green, and a navy blue. Just a rough visual here:

So many great ideas for themes and palettes here -- if we keep going like this, we'll have the rest of 2017 sorted!! smiley

This is a gorgeous palette, Dawn!

I just LOVE your palette Dawn smiley

I like Dawn's palette for the Raindrops/Bows. I think it could be streamlined a bit. I don't think we need that many purples, but it looks awesome; bright and fun!

For the everyday basics/in the pocket theme, I really prefer the bright fun colors to the dark, drab ones. I love the teal and you can always choose to not use it, Dawn.

I love the Rainbows & Raindrops theme for March, and love the palette Dawn combined with Erin's Pantone suggestion. I'm not sure about the Everyday life pocket theme (what I will come up with since I don't pocket scrap) but I think Holly's palette would work really well. I really like the idea of heroes (fire, police, military) & medical....maybe we can look at those for May/June.

Kathryn, If you don't pocket scrap, then you can just do an everyday theme...or think about basic items that everyone needs in their scrapbooking stash.

Erin, the reason the palette that I suggested for the stash builder theme is so neutral is so that the cards and papers can be used with almost any kit, extending a stash.

Kathryn, what would work best for this would be a set of neutral pattern papers, possibly some word art in black and white, frames in standard journal card proportions, neutral brads and fasteners, small tags for things like dates or days of the week...

Holly, I understand..and that isn't a bad idea or anything. But, I'd prefer to have a palette that would work for everyday, any week without having to add anything to it. I don't really like doing that. I prefer to open a folder and just use the stuff in there. LOL. Call me lazy if you want.

I'm "lazy", too, Erin smiley I used to search through kit after kit after kit to create a single layout which of course meant it took forever to complete a single page. I like to just open one kit and use everything from there.

I'm with you, Dawn & Erin! I am SUPER lazy- I open the folder, load it all into a Library, then use it from there just so I don't have to reopen folders lol!!

I love the laugh idea and also the International suggestion.
What about 'I'm smiling because"...?
Or, obscure, the Ides of March - so something about Rome, Romans, Julian calendar? or Shakesperian?

There have been so many great ideas for palettes and themes that I really think Marisa is going to have to make an executive decision!

Here is a list of all the themes that have been suggested so far:

FROM Dawn Prater
• Spring Showers
• Stormy Weather
• Raindrops & Rainbows

FROM Karyn Concannon
• Museums, Mummies, Dinosaurs, Digs and Ancient Artifacts
• Indian - this could be inspired by many sources, American, Eskimo, Aztec, Incan, Mayan, South American and India
• Local Heroes - The people we forget to thank - Police Fire Paramedics Doctors Nurses Pastors Priests Teachers Volunteers
• City Lights - I live in Chicago and there are lots of specific landmarks and monuments found only in Chicago.
• Trains - Real trains like Railroads, Engineers, and Planes Trains & Automobiles

FROM Varia Moon

• Watercolor fantasy, watercolor art, unicorns, mermaids, rain drops and drizzles

FROM Holly Wolf

• Pocket Stash Building
• Stash Building
• Lots of different "Days"

FROM Elizabeth Minkus
• Friendship
• Creativity
• Happiness
• Success
• Emotions
• Disasters (fails)
• Being Human
• 0rdinary Life

FROM Sunny Faith Rush

• Heritage
• Genealogy
• Tribal

FROM Erin Crouch

• Everyday Life
• Road Trip

FROM Sarah Palmer
• Where I Live

FROM Lily Winther

• Surviving depression, mental illness and suicide thoughts

FROM Gayle Lungle
• I'm smiling because…
• The Ides of March - so something about Rome, Romans, Julian calendar
• Shakespeare

• The Bucket List
• Magic In The Air

Wowwwwwww!!! So many themes. . I like almost all of them..
Btw, Raindrop and rainbows would be a great theme to choose!!
Thanks Robyn for the list. I am gonna save it. It gives me some good kits idea to work on as I am new to kits making!!

Okay, here's what I had in mind for the no theme with neutral colors as I indicated in post #23.

Some time ago, I participated in a designer challenge that was all about making proper use of color theory, here are some links to great color theory information:


We were then asked to create scrapbooking kits using primarily neutral colors with just "a touch" of a contrast color for accents (POP color). Here's what I came up with:

After that we were given a black and gray (neutral palette) and asked to create something using one pop color; here's what I did for that:

and sometime after that, I created an add-on to the kit by adding two more colors, here's that preview:

So, I'm proposing that we (as a group, or just Marissa smiley ) choose one of the following neutral palettes that everyone would use as the primary kit colors:


...and then, each designer will choose one or two (no more than 2- the exception being white, as a third) of the "pop" colors from this palette:

It would be interesting to see how it all coordinates at the end of the train.

That's a really interesting concept, Rose! Maybe add some more shades to the brown palette, though? Or take a few away from the grey palette? What do you think?

I would probably use the brown palette, if I had a choice - and the "Pop" colours are a really good idea, too!

Thanks Robyn,

I prefer the brown palette too but I'm not sure I agree that either palette needs changing...the varying range is meant to provide complimentary shades and you're not expected (nor do you need) to use all of them.

Fair enough, Rose! smiley

I just wish we knew what the palette and theme was going to be -- I'm itching to get started!!

March is supposed to be the first month of spring (even though here it will still be snowy &/or will be the start of mud season)... And St. Patrick's Day is in March... Any thoughts to having an Irish type blog train with lots of greens??

P.S. I think a raindrops theme might be more appropriate for April, after all "April showers bring May flowers."

Dawn, I LOVE your colors! Rose, you have an interesting point.

OMG! Robyn!! That was a LOT of work. Thank you so much.


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