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Thank you to everyone for your generousity. You've done a great job!

תודה רבה לכל המעצבים - באמת אין מילים....

As a designer, I tend to release layered things in PSD format, because GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements will all open THAT layered format correctly. I'd choose layered TIFF, but PSP doesn't implement the layers properly. I'm trying to figure out a reliable way to export the layers as PNGs so they can be used by people who need to rebuild the templates in their program of choice.

Susan, I have used GIMP, too...but I also use a free program called Paint.NET that allows me to open .psd files (along with some others!). You have to install a plug-in but it is fairly easy. It's great to be able to open the psd files for templates instead of all those pngs!! Uggh!

I just wanted to say a big Thank you to everyone for this month's Blog Train!

Thank you all for this blog train, you are all so generous.

TYVM for a great BT, this is a fantastic addition to use in any kind of projects for the colors and the generic JC.

I'm very impressed with this month's blog train. I'm not a pocket scrapper, but everything was just beautiful and so versatile, even for those that do not pocket scrap. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Susan, I went back to check and see what items were .psd files. From what I downloaded, the items that were available in both png/jpeg AND psd. So, you aren't missing out on anything.

What a wonderful train everyone! Thanks so much for all the hard work! It was a huge train! smiley

@Robyn ~ I really loved those silent film cards! I love watching those old silent movies myself! A trip to the moon is pretty fun to watch. And one day when I get time again to do some layouts I plan on using some of them!

I am just learning all this and just found this forum thing lol. Never knew where I could thank everyone for the wonderful kits I get so now that I found this I am going back to thank you all! I really do appreciate it and hope one day to be a part of all these great trains!