March 2018 Blog Train - Working

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March 2018 Blog Train - Working

The March blog train is Love Knows No Borders.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Logo

Thank you for the ACO file, Kayl. smiley

No prob, Bina! smiley

Here's my mini!

smiley Kayl

I really LOVE this palette!!! smiley

I'm so happy - I planned ahead and it's all ready for March! It remains to be seen whether or not I continue being so organised. My bets are on NO.

Nice colors this month.

I'm really liking all these kits, ladies!

Here's my part for March!

My part:

This is what I came up with.

You ladies are really on the ball working ahead. Beautiful colors this month-loving it all.

Rachel, that's such a beautiful and well put together little kit. I can't wait! smiley

Lovely Ladies!!!
i will try to takr part of this one smiley

I have saved the information for the hop as I really like the interesting color set. Will put it on my to do list in an attempt not to forget!

I do not name my files like most people but everything IS in one folder titled PSMar18_TheUrbanFairy

smiley Everything is so beautiful! @Rachel: I love the 'perfect' card! smiley

It has been a long time since my last participation !
Hope you like it

My part:

That's adorable Sonia!

Love the pigs, Sonia! LOL so cute!

@Kayl - I love the little bit of glitter this kit has. Great job!
@Trish - Sweet kit! Those frame are really nice.
@Diane - Fun! I esp love that striped paper.
@Laurel - Great travel kit! I love how you added the phone too!
@Cintia - Perfect theme Cintia - esp these days! Love the string of paper dolls!
@Robin - Pretty! I esp love that plaid paper.
@Rachel - Love that alpha! Fantastic kit!
@Danielle - I've seen your work before and felt it was wonderful! So no surprise - beautiful job on the kit for the train!
@Sarah - Sweet and simple! Love it! The stitched heart string is great!
@Sonia - I got quite a chuckle out of those piggies! Cute kit!

Looking wonderful everyone! I'm really enjoying all these diverse previews! smiley

@Sonia - Your piggy kit makes my heart squeal with joy! smiley

So sweet , Sonia. Love your piggies!

I have included 3 different calendars: 1 monthly March spread landscape and portrait each and one 6x8 weekly March calendar for the first week of March that you can continue as March progresses.

Danielle, nice to see you here!

Does anyone know why I can never seem to see Photobucket previews here? Is it something here on my end? Or otherwise?

It was up earlier Laurel but no its not showing now. Its not just you. smiley

I also have some watercolor papers to go with this blog train.

Here's mine..

My Blog

photobucket is so finicky!


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