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@Danielle, yes, I finally switched over to Imgur. Photobucket was causing too many issues for me.

Dang it! I just saw my big mistake. Theme is Love knows no BORDERS...........not bounds. Gads. (slaps hand to forehead...) I'll try to correct everything before March 1. Sheesh........

I wouldn't change it Sunny! It means virtually the same thing smiley Don't feel bad I did that with the last train lol! But in the end it all works out!

I did it last month also. I just checked on this month to be sure I had the correct words. Anyway, I decided to go with blended papers and a softer look for my mini this month. I hope it shows up OK.

So very cute Sonia! Love the piggies! Bina, love that you put animals in yours. I love animals of all types--(except snakes!)

So many beautiful kits this month! I love them all.

This is all I could come with - my mojo has taken a long vacation.

and a better look at the papers:

Phyllis, the papers are beautiful and I love the cats on the flair and the birds on the journal card.

Thank you, Donna. I love the papers in your kit, and those light, clear hearts.

I'm really struggling with this theme, so for now I've just done a few grungy papers.

Phyllis, as usual, your kit is fantastic! smiley

I agree with Jessica! Don't change it, I like it!

Thank you, Lisel!

Dawn- those papers are awesome!!

reserving a spot i did not see a pinterest page for this one to comment on it.


all of these are so them all..thanks so much for all the hard work guys...BIG HUGS!!!

Sonny I would leave it. If they want the "right" one, it is on other kits too. Yours is different...more variety. smiley

Nice kits everyone.

I struggled this theme so flowers it was. smiley Everyone's kits look great!


Here is my complete contribution for this month

My part this month


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