March 2019 Blog Train - Comments

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March 2019 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until March 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

What a fun and wonderful blog train this is! Everyone has done such awesome work on all the goodies! Fantastic work ladies, and a big thank you to each one! smiley

This train is stunning!!!! Thanks so much to everyone!!

Varia, stunning is the word!
Thank you everyone for these beautiful creations!

Thanks to all designers!

Nice work everyone!

Thank you ladies for ths phantastic blogtrain! smiley

Thank you to all contributors for this wonderful blog train! The colors are beautiful and am glad there are elements that are not Mardi Gras, it makes the kits so much more accessible for those who are not into the "Mardi Gras theme". Fantastic job everyone!! smiley

Oh, I really loved the bright, beautiful colours; and all the amazing contributions smiley Can't wait to unpack and play. Have a great March everyone smiley

Personally, I don't care about Mardi Gras, but the contributions look so beautiful I had to download. I can always change the colours and make the kits about the Venice Carnaval or a Masquerade in general. Thank you to all the designers.

Wow!! Love your layout page AMarie. It is beautiful! My hope is to go to a medieval event this summer.

On 2 of the kits, Brenda Pedden and Jill Morgenstern, both of their kits are through Box and both when I click to download it says not available. Anyone else having this problem??

WOW...everyone!!! The designers have always given us such wonderful kits but this month is the best ever. Thank you all sooooooooooooooo much for your talent, time and generosity.

Thank you to all the wonderful designers - you all did an amazing job! Such beautiful contributions to the train. I can't wait to get scrapping!

@Stephanie, I always have problems with Box as well. Once I got it to work, but am not sure what I did, and it has never worked again! lol

Stephanie are you the one that commented? I can't figure out what the problem is. Whenever I've asked a fried to try, they've done it no problem.

Shannon you've had problems with Box too? I want to try something else next time but not sure what to try.

Jill, yes, I always get a message that says "Sorry, we couldn't find that page". I've tried different browsers - because I use Chrome, so sometimes that's the problem - I've used my phone, my tablet, my laptop .... it's really weird. It's ALL Box files - not just yours. Stephanie are you in Canada too? lol = maybe it's a Canadian thing! haha

I never used to have a problem, it's only been the last few months. very strange.

Thank you, ladies, wonderful kits!
Jill Morgenstern, I couldn't open yours...

Sorry Monica. smiley Apparently it's a problem with I will have to look for a new format to host my portions. Suggestions anyone? Or Marisa is Pixel Scrapper still hosting portions? I have read the thread about it but so much of that information is years old.

OH! And Shannon, Stephanie & Monica I am happy to email you my portion directly if you email me or contact me through Pixelscrapper. My email is nimuesugar at gmail dot com.

I've started using MediaFire, instead of Box. I have found MediaFire very good, no problems, and half the cost.

Sunny but does the person who downloads have to watch ads with MediaFire? Or if you pay they don't have to?

@Jill: Yes we will still host your blog train! Send it or a link to it to [email protected]
I will be traveling over the weekend, but will definitely see it on Monday.

Thanks Marisa! I will try MediaFire for this month since I want to get it up before my mom & dad come in for a visit tomorrow. But depending on how it works out, I will try & get my act together a bit earlier for next month!

Oh, thank you! But I've already downloaded it.

Thank you so much Jill! I just emailed you.

I have tried to download from my iPhone & iPad on Safari & Chrome and on my laptop and desktop computers. I get the same message every time.