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Thank you Tammy! Unfortunately the mask won't be much good for printing and paper scrapping because there's just too much going on with it (textures/shadows etc), but hopefully someone will be able to make good use of it for their digital layouts.


This post might be an "over share", but I'm hoping you will indulge me. I have wanted to do a mardi gras theme for a couple of years, and may have suggested it in the past, so when this theme finally made the cut I was ecstatic. I started creating right away, and though I generally don't check out blog train previews until mine is complete, I did check out this one to make sure I wasn't doing too many of the same elements. However, I hit a major hurdle when the controversy happened over the color palette. Unfortunately a lot of things were said and feelings hurt. I realize our words can be misinterpreted in print form and especially so when going from one language to another, that being said I still don't understand the reason why the argument happened. Everyone is creating such beautiful elements and papers and I eagerly look forward to adding them to my stash, however I have lost my enthusiasm to create anything.

@Dawn: So sorry you feel that way! As you said, it's easy to misunderstand people when we only have typing to go by and despite our best efforts sometimes things slip through. Hope you can feel some love from all the lovely things people have been posting and feel re-inspired yourself.

had a lot of fun with this one smiley

So many beauties here in the thread, so looking forward to this train again!

smiley I love your kit!

Wonderful kits everyone! This is what I came up with:

Some word art:

I am working through my schedule and short on time. I wanted to add a little bling. I hope a paper pack is ok.

Robin...WOW! That is all awesome! Love those adorable masks too!

Ladies my congrats to you all for your wonderful creations! This is gonna be an awesome train for March! smiley

Brenda why wouldn't it print? Wouldn't it do fine if it's a quality printer? Or maybe you mean print out at home? I'm confused! (But it's VERY pretty whatever its limitations may or may not be!).

Dawn, I was also surprised to see hurt feelings in the thread too. I can see why it happened but hopefully everyone is okay with how things turned out.

LOVE everyone's previews - looks like next month will be WONDERFUL!

I originally wasn't going to participate in this blog train as I didn't really have any ideas or knowledge about Mardi Gras - so I just made a general mini kit, instead. I made the plaids with Elif's action.

So pretty! I can't get any of the twills in Elif's action to work for me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Ugh I am in a funk. I came for inspiration but still have this funk.....
All I know are beads and well another B word. Lol I guess I am gonna go read about Mardi Gras. Learn something new everyday. smiley Looks great ladies!!

I started with the same funk and the same two words, Melissa! Beads and.. yep. Hopefully you can overcome your funk, too!

@Jill do the plaids work, and not the twills? Or are you having trouble with the entire action set? What program are you working with?

did you install the twill .pat file?and make sure it is selected before you hit run?

Sunny, yes they all work except for the twills. I use Photoshop CC. Rachel I'll have to check on that.