March 2020 Blog Train - Comments

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March 2020 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until March 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Everyone's looks beautiful. I do have one question though. @Marisa why does yours always say "the good life" and not the theme that was chosen for each themed blog train? I have noticed that each blog train and I guess curiosity has got the better of me. Can we just use whatever theme we choose for each train? Just wondering before I jump in and start working on Aprils. Thanks Nae smiley

Someone asked me why my kit is not posted on my blo. I had post scheduled ahead and I cannot post until March 1. Are other posting now? Thanks.

@Nae I know you asked Marisa but in case she isn't able to respond {I know its getting close to baby time for her!} she uses the Blog Train theme/colors for the Good Life Collabs that come out the same time. Also yes you can interpret the theme in your own way ~ put your own spin on it if you prefer. I've been doing that for years. smiley Hope that helps.

@Robin sometimes others do choose to publish a little early but March 1st is the official kick off. smiley

Looking like a wonderful train! Thank you all in advance for the hard work smiley

TY Jessica smiley

This is shaping up to be one of my faves, and weirdly not a normal color palette I'd love, but it's looking so cohesive! Great job to everyone!

I'd second Rachels thoughts ... the colors were not love at first sight for me either but I learned to appreaciate them as soon as I started playing with them, really great colors and does anyone recall who suggested them in the first place, was it Sonia or Dawn? Kudos, great colors. smiley

And great gifts, everyone! Many thanks for all the beautiful designs smiley

Nae: Dito, Jessica. The Good Life is Marisa's monthly bundle. And I have been suggesting for years now to call it The Better Life because the kits are way bettah than just good. smiley

many thanks for this beautiful blog train! smiley

Bina, this was actually one of the palettes I suggested (one of the un-themed ones).

I too love how everything's looking so far. smiley

Thank you, ladies for this wonderful blogtrain! smiley

@Bina, I keep getting this when I click your blog posts. Any idea what's going on? Thanks!

I see the same thing when I click yours', Brandi.

That is so weird! Mine's also on Wordpress... I wonder if it's something with that??

Amanda: smiley smiley smiley
Brandi: This must be it....
Is anyone else experiencing what Brandi and I are with each others' images? Or are our images visible to you?

As of yesterday afternoon & even today all works fine on Bina & Brandi's site. Are you all still experiencing it? If so might be time to try and empty your cache to see if that fixes it. It was probably just a wordpress glitch.

Jessica: TY so much! smiley

Love the Blog trains! Thanks for all your contributions!

Thank you all for these wonderful, generous, lovely gifts from the heart, and of your time!

(I keep trying to leave notes on blogs and downloads sites too, but so many require me to create an account, or to allow dropbox to access all my contacts, etc. I get a little gun shy with so many sites being hacked; but I'm trying to work out a good safe method of surviving online; LOL!)

Thank you to all the designers and thank you very much to those people like Marla who leave comments when they download kits.

For me, as a designer, it is very nice to see that other people like my designs, and their comments make me happy and give me strenght to continue making more artwork!

Thank you! So many great kits. Love the colors.

Thank you Ladies for your beautiful kits !

I have noticed that 4 days into March Blog Train our very Front Pixel Scrapper Web Page "Still" has February Blog Train Delish showing as the current Blog Train is there not a way to have the correct Blog Train showing on the First day of each month? This occurs every month. Please don't take this as a critical remark, I love Pixel Scrapper Web Site!!

Brandi and Christina: the freebie is on my homepage now for easy access. smiley

The final thread is n o t the correct place to post comments, the place is here.

The problem with posting your lovely comments to the other thread is that they get deleted pretty soon after posting if they are not previews of actual kits that are contributions to the blog train and that deletion enhances the chance that someone misses something, a nice comment, a question, a concern, an issue with their website.

@Patricia ~ I think this is done manually by Marisa. She is currently on maternity leave but I'm sure she {or maybe Thani ?} will update it when possible. smiley And I think it's just one of those easy to overlook little tasks. Good to hear your feedback tho! smiley

Thanks for all the beautiful contributions! Just finished downloading . . . now to go unzip smiley smiley smiley

Lovely contributions, everyone! I'm looking forward to playing with them. smiley

Thank you all so much! Everything looks so beautiful!

Thank you to all the designers!!!

For so many reasons, we Love this month's theme. The colors are wonderful and as always, the designers haven't disappointed with such wonderful and diverse offerings. Many Thanks to all smiley

Thank you to all the designers for all the lovely goodies! I try to leave comments on blogs, but sometimes am not able to as I usually use my phone and mobile versions are often different... so thank you especially to all the ones I wasn't able to already comment on. I'm always amazed at all the wonderful designs. smiley smiley

thank you ladies for the blog train smiley