March 2020 Blog Train - Working

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March 2020 Blog Train - Working

The March 2020 blog train is My Tribe.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Many thanks, Amanda. smiley

Mermaid Beach, home beach. My tribe: mermaids. Pretty sure I'm a mermaid. Includes a calendar overlay for March 2020.

Here's a peek at what I'm working on..

Gina! I love your presentation! it creates a lot of expectation! (I mean I'm willing to "discover" what's behind!) smiley

And Bina, you are a surprise! Mermaids?? How creative! smiley

???? wat is my tribe ???? smiley explication please !!!! I do not understand !!! smiley

I'm kinda with you, Bourico. When I saw the theme I was very confused on what this theme could encompass; I'm experiencing the same confusion over the "Delish" February theme, too.

I'm Scottish descent (in fact there is a castle in Scotland that is still occupied by descendants of my ancestors), so I thought about that but the colors don't lend themselves to the ancestral tartan colors. Maybe something generic Scottish but, again, unsure of this color palette.

Now that I see Bina's interpretation of being a member of the "mermaid" smiley tribe, I kinda think if I put my mind to it I could probably come up with something. My family has said for years if I could grow gills, I would do it, so I could stay in the water even more. I don't know why they think that, just because I life guarded through high school then trained life guards for years, then gave up training life guards to teach children to swim (ages 9 months to pre-teens) then for my 50th birthday I gave myself a present of becoming open water scuba certified. So, I very well may become part of Bina's tribe and go with a mermaid theme.

I've got time to ponder the possibilities, especially since I won't be participating in the January blog train, and most likely I won't participate in the February blog train either.

My thoughts for this theme were family. I think the theme could also be good for family reunions, birth family reunions, school reunions, ect. I had always wished our family did reunions but it was never to be.

Just my two cents & of course you can interpret anywhere your imagination leads to ~ like Mermaids smiley

Wow! Dawn, i love Scotland and ca smiley

Jessica, many thank for your explications! smiley smiley

Tribe can also be used in association with friendship.

"These are my people".

"They are my friends".

"This is my tribe".

ok many thank Gina smiley smiley

I plan on going with friends ("family of choice"), and probably some family-related stuff too. But yeah, you can use any group you feel associated with, I would think. Whatever you consider to be your "tribe."

@Dawn, I mentioned on the "Delish" thread, but the original palette inspiration was food-themed (with "Delish" short for "delicious"), but again, you could take "Delish" to mean whatever you wanted, really.

When I say family I'm already including my close friends. smiley My best friend & I consider ourselves sisters.

And the Delish colors remind me of tacos & Mexican food for some reason smiley Yum!

okay ladies, you all have cleared the log jam, thanks to each of you for suggestions!

my part for this BT on my blog....1 march

The term "tribe" is highly sensitive and there are many teaching tolerance groups who discourage the use of the term -- "Tribes is an anthropology term which plays into the narrative of primitive people."

-- "Plains Native American here. I really dislike when White people use tribe in reference to their squad/circle because I feel like it White washes Indigenous people and their cultures and traditions. Tribe is not Native American specific either. I would also like to point out that there are indigenous people all over the world who are fighting their own governments to gain recognition, rights, etc."--

I will be using "Friendship" as the title of mine.

Thank you everyone for your kind words! smiley It came easy for the colors and Mermaid Beach.
@Dawn: the mermaid tribe did not really feel complete without you, I am happy you are part of the mermaid tribe.....
And of Scottish decent how very cool, have some Scotish tribes among my tribe and there are so many great tribes that are located on the British Isles, Scandinavia and all across Europe. Europe is so full of tribes.... Also proud Ningi Ningi smiley

Mermaid Beach looks amazing!!!!!!! Love your contribution too!

smiley Thank you, Rachel.

Yea im gonna have to take a pass on this one.... BUT I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. smiley

What a fun theme with so many different directions a person could go. This suits my western style.

Laurel, I appreciate your post. I also strongly dislike the use of the word 'tribe.' My cousin married into a Native American family and I've learned a lot about cultural appropriation (inappropriate use of dreamcatchers is one of the things that drives me crazy now), and the injustices that were (and are still) being done. smiley

That said, I love the idea of building a close squad of friends, so that's what I'm going with for this theme!

My part here:


Tammy, I love your kit, especially the decorated papers, cactus and dreamcatcher charm. Very nice! Ooo...and your journal cards, too!

Thank you Diane smiley I couldn't really think of anything to make for this theme, but I have native american in my blood, so I chose to go that way. My great grandmother was cherokee.

@Laurel - There had to be someone triggered by a simple scrapbook blog train theme (*rolls eyes) if the word "tribe" was of Native American origin I would agree with the sensitivity towards the word, but according to the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology and Encyclopedia Britannica:

"The word 'tribe' itself is derived from the Latin term Tribus, the administrative divisions and voting units of ancient Rome. It came to be used in biblical texts for the thirteen divisions of the early Israelites and appears with this meaning in Middle English in the thirteenth century."

"...It later came into use as a way to describe the cultures encountered through European exploration."

If anything, indigenous people all around the world should deny the word tribe being referred to themselves due to its European origins. Also, every different group of indigenous people around the world has their own language and dialects, so I am sure they have their own better word to describe their group than the English word tribe.

I said before here on the Pixel Scrapper's forums: Please, please, please...stop bringing Politics into Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking is supposed to be a pleasant hobby, it's escapism. Politics has been already injected practically everywhere in our daily lives, so leave Scrapbooking alone, please.

@to everybody else - Now, back to the theme itself, my interpretation would be Geeky Culture, going to conventions, collecting collectibles smiley , cosplaying...this is my tribe: the geeks, they are my people...but God knows if I will ever have time to contribute with something for this BT, soooo, if anyone liked my idea please feel free to steal it. Cheers!

@Laurel: Thanks Laurel for bringing up this issue regarding the potential sensitivity of using the word "tribe." Ironically, I chose the title "My Tribe" because it felt inclusive to me, in that it would allow people to work with a family or friendship or really any kind of group theme for their contribution. In general I like to make the blog train themes as open as I can, as not everyone wants to focus on the same thing, or feels comfortable with a specific topic. "Tribe" felt like the most generic way I could say "group of people" and let people go from there.

But whatever my intentions, things in life aren't black and white. And while I have seen the word tribe consistently used in the way that I meant it (to simply refer to a group of people apart from historical anthropology--even in the title of a couple of recent New York Times bestselling books, for example), I can also understand how it could cause discomfort or pain to others. If you are feeling this way please know that I am sorry and it was certainly not my intention.

@Daniela: It seems like it should be easy to keep digital scrapbooking simple and conflict free, but the reality of a complex world is that at some point I or someone else will miss something and cause someone distress. As these situations are unavoidable, our responses are what matter. Let's all try to remain open and understanding of each other's perspectives.

I welcome further discussion of this issue, but would ask that everyone be respectful and remember that the goal is not to be right, but to work together towards better mutual understanding.


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