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@Marisa (and to everybody really)

I love this website and I know that Marisa wants everybody to get along here, but I am so tired of all this Politically Correctness (which includes Identity Politics, Cultural Appropriation and other BS) that infected our daily lives. People are being offended by everything and are assigning too much power to words it's absurd, it's a whole generation (but not limited to) that simply cannot function in the real world: they allege to suffer from PTSD(!) because of words, they "cancel" people because of words, there's no understanding of nuance or context or even facts anymore...for goodness' sake create some thick skin!

Yes, the world is complex but it doesn't mean that we should live in fear of other people's reactions towards words, and in this case a word for a scrapbook blog train (rolls eyes again). This Politically Correctness is a mind prison and it's destroying individual freedom.

Listen, I was born and lived most of my life in a Third World Country (a term that it seems triggers a lot of people smiley ) I know what is real struggle, and I can tell you people worried about being robbed or killed or putting food on their table couldn't care less about words.

Also, my main ancestry is Italian but I am from Brazil so: it doesn't matter the colour of your skin, your nationality or your own background feel free to use whatever Italian or Portuguese/Brazilian words, expressions, slangs, traditional attire, go ahead and dress like Napoleon subduing the Great Republic of Venice, make jokes about Italians and Brazilians, make fun of how Italians are always in the mafia, cook our food, eat our food, start celebrating our traditions in your house too, buy any item related to any of my cultural backgrounds and use it however you want in your house...I...couldn' probably I will either congratulate you or laugh with you. (PS: I am also Catholic and all things above apply to Catholicism too, I have a few good Pope jokes myself).

Freedom and sense of humour are the things that should be valued the most, not if you used the right or wrong word according to this year's PC Culture OK List.


I understand that you can be tired of politically correctness, but please be carefull with your words: "they allege to suffer from PTSD" and "create some thick skin"!

Maybe you do not have any mental illness, lucky you, but please don't laugh about mental or other illness and please don't say things like "the allege to suffer...whatever" or "for goodness sake create some thick skin".

Sick people don't allege anything, and this answer to Marisa has been a wrong idea, you changed your reasons and by doing this you touched something that for me is very important.

And these are my words: go to a Mental Centre and tell those ill people to create some thick skin, honey, let's see what happens...

Thanks God you are not my/a doctor!

Americans have been choking on political correctness for the last generation and many are sick of it. I am.

I'm glad I'm not picking the blog train themes. It looks like it will be like stepping between land minds--can you think of a list of themes no one will find offensive? (I was going to say maybe we should just step back and take a deep breath but someone with COPD might get offended.)

Ironic that the would "tribe" is found offensive when it is taking about bringing people together. Ironic that "thick skin" is found offensive when it was given as a recommendation to let the small stuff go so we can along.

Marisa is doing her best for peaceful resolution. Can't we all try too? It is obvious she never used the term in any negative way. I pay a lot of money to join a marketing group called a TRIBE with Stu McLaren -- thousands joined. No one ever mentioned the term tribe negatively. We were learning how to create our own tribes.

Please hear my soft tone. The political correctness movement has gone way too far. It gives people an excuse to have a a victim mentality. It’s gone so far that political correctness has become a bigger problem than the problem it was intended to address! People are more concerned about vocabulary than kindness.

If we can’t talk about names for a scrapbook theme without fear of giving offense, or have to be sooooo careful to protect everyone’s feelings--you’re essentially imposing a gag order on the whole forum and discourage anyone from saying anything (I was staying back for that reason) and in so doing, you’re hindering our progress in getting to know one another and to understand others’ different perspectives, viewpoints, and life experiences.

We are here as a group to encourage one another. Will someone say something that someone might not like? Yes, probably. Figuring out how to get along in a group is trial and error, and effort to sometimes learning to let stuff go--in the name of being polite.

Everyone needs take responsibility for their feelings and actions. Like I tell my children, you can have a good day or a bad day. It is up to you and what you choose to focus on. Is a word that was not meant to hurt something you want to get upset about? Lighten up, please. Maybe don't worry so much about Political Correctness but think more about decent manners and being kind to one another.

I deleted my comment. Instead, I think I will change my contribution of this blog train, because I have a "tribe", and it is very different from the tribes you talk about. My "tribe" has things to say like the following print pant of a kit I made time ago and I didn't upload:

Will you be offended if I upload it?

Sorry, Marisa.

Do we really need so many opinions here? Yes, political correctness has run amuck. I'm sure we can all agree on that. But, have any of you ever heard "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? I own a publishing company and a horse ranch. My life for 18 hours a day, EVERY day, is work. I joined this group to have fun and enjoy these moments with other women who simply enjoy creating elements for scrapbooking. It should be just fun. If "My Tribe" is a problem for you, wouldn't it be better to maybe just skip this month's blog train rather than stirring the pot with your dissatisfaction of a 5-letter word? Come on, ladies. Stand back and breathe. And then, let's make this fun, not just for ourselves, but for all the people who stop by our blogs to download our artful creations every month.

I agree with you, Diane, this place is to have fun creating scrapbooking elements and arwork, let's create! smiley

Agreed, Diane.

Also, Sonia, if that's the sort of "tribe" kit you wanted to upload, I would be fine with it. It's as legitimate a group as any.

Thank you, Amanda, but it was painful to make that kit, I don't want to be sad, I want happy colors and nice kits!!

I can imagine it was painful. Sometimes it can be cathartic too.

I do like upbeat, happy kits too. smiley You do whatever you choose. smiley

@Sonia You both proved and missed my point entirely: "but please be carefull with your words" <- no, not gonna do that, because again: context, nuance, facts.

You misquoted me and say that I somehow attacked people with mental illness thereby proving my point when I said that people nowadays don't understand nuance or context and in this case, basic English?! I said: "they allege to suffer from PTSD(!) because of words" - I am obviously referring to people who pretend to have PTSD because of words or expressions, the people who overreact, the people who want to "cancel" other people because they said the "wrong" words according to the rules of the Politically Correctness, the people who get triggered by everything, to those people I continue to say: create a thick skin!

See how things go when you get triggered by words? You even put words in my mouth, you see things that are not even there, my reasons are the same in both my posts, the only difference is that I elaborated more on my second post.

And when you say: "Will you be offended if I upload it?" I guess you are talking to me, maybe? My whole post was about people being offended by things that are not offensive, why would I ever be offended by your scrapbook kit?! You either misunderstood me or didn't even read my whole post, it's amazing! I said I value freedom above all, and power to you if you want to design that kit, do whatever you want to feel happy.

Also, I do suffer from a mental illness, but I am not here to make a contest of who is the biggest victim or how many people will feel sorry for me, I am me and I will never let my mental illness take over and define me, I am much more than only that.

Anyways Sonia, I wish you the best.

@Robin I couldn't have put in better words, I totally agree with you.

@Diane I agree with you, that's what I said in my first post: "stop bringing Politics into Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking is supposed to be a pleasant hobby, it's escapism."


Daniela, my question was not made to you, anyway, I am not an English speaker, and I guess I misunderstood some of you and the other ladies wanted to say, so I am sorry for my way to act if it was wrong. In general I don't want people to know about my illness... I am also here to have fun and forget bad stuff!

Robin, it's beautiful!

@Sonia English is not my first language either, I try my best to make myself understood and because of that I become blunt in my statements, so no hard feelings here, take care.

No hard feelings from me too, Daniela

@Robin Beautiful psalms, thank you.

As a precursor...I work with little kids everyday in my profession. Mostly 5 and younger, but school aged as well. I have to always think about diversity and kindness and inclusiveness and education. I work with a varied population of both ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. I only bring up children, in the fact that in my daily life I have to always think about what I say and what I do. They see and hear everything that the trusted adults around them do. How we react how we intermingle with each other and with themselves and their families. I strive for inclusion and respect, and a sense of love and safety.

@Marisa Thank you for your extremely kind and eloquent way of handling this. It's what I strive for in my daily life as a human being. It is sometimes very hard to somehow be inclusive of all things going on in the world. I think your reply was beautifully laid out.

Also @Laurel and @Daniela thank you for your respectful views and replies on this subject. I really think an open dialogue solves most problems, in the fact that it allows all thoughts and feelings to be seen, heard, and respected. The world is ever revolving, and the strife of making sure everyone is respected and made to feel seen and heard can be troubled. I love Pixel Scrapper for this reason! It feels like a very open, engaging community, that both lends itself to, and also encourages a free speech.

This is my favorite: "remember that the goal is not to be right, but to work together towards better mutual understanding."

Love to all of my fellow creators, who strive to remember and share their life and history, whether it be in the open, on the galleries, or kept personal at home. All of these approaches to creativity and memory keeping are valid and important.

Also your profile pic steampunk!? I love that hat!

Thanks. I think we are all here to have fun and forget bad stuff. smiley So let's all enjoy! We are sooo blessed to have such a great place and a wonderful group!


Wise words from a study I'm doing by Charles Stanley.

Ok, I am confused?? I certainly do not want to offend anyone with my kits. I am a home grown American with Native American heritage. I felt good with my kit and thought it may be nice for people with Native American heritage to have something to scrap with. Should I change my kit to something else?? Also, I think Native American decor is pretty and I know lots of people who have their homes decorated with it? I'm just curious if it is offensive, I will certainly take it down and make something else. I associate the word "Tribe" to mean "where I come from" or "my people"?? One of the things I love about this site and others is the diversity. I enjoy seeing and learning about other cultures. I love people from all walks of life, black, white, rich, poor, sick, healthy... it does not matter to me. We are all part of the human race and should all be loved and treated with dignity and respect. Maybe I have misunderstood the commentary. I am only saying that I hope I have not offended anyone with my kit. I actually enjoyed making it and loved the color palette. I mean no ill will with my comment I am just trying to understand.
@Robin I love your quotes you posted, very nice!!

Tammy, I think your kit is fine, for the reasons you stated.

Tammy, I think your kit is terrific. I love Western everything!

@Rachel I love everything about your post, wise words. Also yes! my profile pic is my Steampunk costume from Halloween 2018, I decorated the hat myself and made the goggles from scratch with stuff bought at the dollar store smiley glad you like it!

@Tammy Your kit will be lovely, it's a fantastic idea and it is not offensive at all! Show off your beautiful heritage smiley looking forward to seeing your finished kit.

@to everybody It's interesting how the two people who complained about the word "Tribe" and "Cultural Appropriation" didn't bother to join the discussion that followed. "Cultural Appropriation" is something illogical that was created to divide us, to make us feel resentment towards each other, to dictate what we can and can't appreciate or love from other cultures.

@Tammy I just realized you had already posted the preview for your kit, it looks beautiful! And damn you are fast! I wish I was this proficient with my designs, but I am the slowest of the slowpokes on this Earth smiley

Here are my contributions!

I love everyone's kits and I'm glad the "theme controversy" has been put to rest.

Well I think everyones kits are wonderful. I feel that any theme means something different to each and every individual. That is what makes creativity so interesting and fun. It is a way to express your individuality and I respect everyones. For instance the color blue to you might mean something totally different to me.

Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us. To create means to relate. The root meaning of the word art is “to fit together” and we all do this every day. Not all of us are painters but we are all artists. Each time we fit things together we are creating – whether it is to make a loaf of bread, a child, a day.
—Corita Kent


I'm gonna have to pas on this one....But I will be ready for the next one. smiley


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