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Not to bring the "controversy" back up but I wanted to explain my post real quick.

@Daniela - I mentioned cultural appropriation, so if you're talking about me not joining in the conversation - I don't check the forums 24/7, I'm a mom, college student, and run my own business so I don't have time to read every word. I check in about once a week.

I stand by my thoughts about cultural appropriation, but I'll also admit that it's based on the fact that my cousin's husband's family lives on a reservation where conditions are abysmal and if you didn't know it was in the USA, you'd think you were in a third world country. His tribe is very protective of their traditions and history and that's the viewpoint I was thinking of at the time. I don't know how other groups handle it. I dated a Native American man in the past who couldn't have cared less about it. My post was mostly to give Laurel some support because I know how upsetting it can be. I don't care what everyone else makes for their kits. I'll probably even download some of them. smiley

That said, I did change the name on my preview, but I named the files with the official name. Here's my preview, to get a little more back on topic:

Brandi, I like how your papers look. smiley

Something you said in your previous comment did have me curious: what would you consider "inappropriate use of dreamcatchers"? Because I know we have some that a Native American charity keeps sending us periodically, so my girls hang them in their rooms because they like how they look.

I'm generally staying out of the conversation at large, mostly because I have Opinions (tm), some of which stem from having a partial linguistics background in my degree, some of which stem from some of the more ridiculous rants I've seen online from either side. I do hope we can all continue to be civil in this discussion (mostly good so far), because I'd hate to see something like a blog train theme that is meant to be inclusive cause extreme division instead.

Name your kits what you want. smiley

Amanda - According to my cousin's husband, it's inappropriate for non-Native Americans to be making and selling them. He says there is ritual, ceremony, and tradition involved in making them so that they ward off nightmares, and for someone not a part of that to manufacture them, offends the spirits that are woven into it,and it becomes just a pretty decoration. There's nothing wrong with owning them if they were made the right way.

Like I said, I've been basing my views on what I learned from these family members - I do understand there are other viewpoints out there though! I probably shouldn't have said anything to start with. There are other blog trains and themes I see out there that offend me way more than the use of the word 'tribe' ever could. smiley

Thanks for the explanation, Brandi. smiley I appreciate it.

Brandi, your papers are beautiful!

My two cents, for what it's worth...

I am American Indian, a direct descendant of Choctaw Chief George Hudson. (No, I don't refer to myself as "Native American" unless I have to. My people are not native to America; they were here long before America ever was.) For me, the word "tribe" is pertained to my tribal nations. I'm a part of those tribes because I share something in common with them (heritage, ancestry, blood, culture, etc.). So for anyone to get offended over the use of the word "tribe" just because someone else who uses it may not be indigenous is a completely ridiculous notion in my opinion. A "tribe" is a group that share something in common, basically. People get too offended too easily over things that probably really shouldn't matter.

That's all I wanted to say. If I'm not careful, I'll just keep going and going...I get really passionate about my heritage! lol

Have fun making your kits, ladies! I can't wait to see everyone's take on their own tribes.

Jo: love from Australia smiley

This is me keeping my mouth shut (or rather my fingers tied) because I got in here late and would undoubtedly make more waves. Either way I would like to jump on this bandwagon if it's not too late smiley I would have done last months as well but have been dealing with an inner and outer ear infection on top of my normal chronic issues. Love how it's all looking so far in here smiley

Hope you're feeling better, Terrell. Feel free to jump in. I'm still working on mine (had an artist's block, and a somewhat rough month that saw me lacking motivation several times, but I'm pulling things together now for this).

Jo, thanks for your input. smiley

I’ve been working on something too, although it’s taken me a while to work out a coherent idea. The basis of my kit will now be family and friends who are like family. Once again i’ll have some Greek & some English elements.

Assuming I manage to get it all finished! 🤦‍♀️

I have a small contribution this month:

I think I'm done...if I add more, then I will change the preview.

Lookin good Ladies.♥

And here is my contribution smiley

My blog is at And here is mine for this month:

@Jessica: I love the element of the people! Super cute!!! smiley

There. Got over the mental block and put this together. I'm actually happy with it. smiley

SO cute! I love what ya'll have done. Amanda I love the quote about tribe.... perfect!♥

For some reason I kept thinking these were to be done by the 15th, going to skip this one and am already working on the next one so I will be done ahead of time. Beautiful work Ladies smiley



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