May 2014 Blog Train: Comments

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May 2014 Blog Train: Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until May 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Beautiful contributions everyone once again! ^_~

This train looks fabulous so far! Happy to see new contributors and such a variety of goodies! smiley

I can't believe how wonderful this blog train looks! I hope May comes soon!!

My goodness ladies! You've done a fabulous job again!

I just added my part to the train and couldn't believe how many are
already posted there. This train may end up being the biggest one Ever! smiley

I'm really looking forward to May 1st. I love the colors in this train too!

Thanks to everyone for these wonderful kits. Can hardly wait til May 1.

Congratulations everyone on your gorgeous kits! While I have to sit this one out design wise, I'll certainly have fun making layouts with all of these kits.

Just finished publishing my blog post, woohoo! What an awesome train we've got going again this month. smiley

I am abit late, but got there lol.. Just browsed the thread with all the kits and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW, really beautiful creations by everyone.
No time to download now, so will fill my external some more tomorrow.
Thanks ladies smiley

The contributions make me very happy, lovely colors, lots of new designers (welcome!) and some stunning comebacks from former participating designers I haven't seen last edition(s). Lots to download for sure!

Thank you alllll sooo much!!!

Great contributions everyone! A special mention to Violet, I love your contribution to the Hello Blog Train this month! The cards are adorable and I love the rubbery bits. You don't have to share but is that a photoshop style? I love it! I think it's the first time I have seen anything like it.

Thank you TY ....everyone who participated in the May BLog train. These kits are sooooo great this month! So many beautiful elements and papers to create wonderful layouts.

Another great community effort. Thank you to all the participating designers on this amazingly diverse blog train.

Everyone did such amazing work this month! I'm so sad I couldn't find time to participate, but I'm really glad I can make time to download! Thank you all smiley

WONDERFUL kits ladies, thank you so much, I'm sorry I've not commented on everyones blog, but word verification was on.

Just wanted to thank you Ladies/Gents for your beautiful contributions to this blogtrain

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this blog train. All the designs are awesome, I just can't wait to scrap with them.

Thank you ladies... kits are amazing. smiley

thank you very much smiley
great job and so many goodies !!!!!

Looks fantastic, everyone! I especially adore how much black and white were used - we almost always have these shades of off-black and off-white included in our palette but they usually don't feature so prominently. It really works with the bold bright colors of this month's palette.

@Karry - Thanks for the special mention! smiley I made the rubbery bits using a CU style set by Mommyish available at Sugarhillco.

Cute kits, Thank you!

Absolutely stunning & beautiful kits, everyone. Thank you very much. smiley

Amazing contributions everyone!

Thanks to all the designers for your beautiful work. Much appreciated.

I'm a bit late, but I just posted my contribution in the final list. I'm so happy I could make some time to create a kit for this month's blog train, because I absolutely love the theme and colors! I hope you haven't all finished riding this train yet smiley.

I just saw all the beautiful previews in the final list and I was amazed by all the wonderful things that you ladies created. Thank you all so much for your creativity and generosity! I'll try riding this blog train myself as soon as possible! smiley

All of the designs are beautiful. Everyone did an amazing job. You are all too kind and can't wait to use each and everyone. Thank you.

I loving everything I'm seeing. I've unzipped about half of the files, and I am eager to get to more!

Thanks to everyone who posted such beautiful kits! I know my " newbie" pages will look awesome thanks to all of you! Now if I can only get my internet at home working again, it's been down a week and of all weekends!!!! Thanks everyone. M

Wow this blog train rocks! Such beautiful kits everyone!

I downloaded everything... now it's like opening presents to select just the items I'd like in my own HELLO kit! Great job to all the designers!