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Thanks everyone. There is some beautiful bits n pieces! I have downloaded tthe lot and already made name tags for the staffroom and classroom with everything! Amazing work. Thanks

wow wow wow. This one is my favorite yet! Excellent job everyone!

I am always amazed by all the wonderful contributions. Thanks!

I hope it's ok I'm asking here...
What exactly is the blog train?
I'm new and still figuring things out..


Congrats to all! Amazing freebies.

Hi Yaara Li and Welcome! smiley

Each blog train starts on the 1st of every month.

We usually vote on a theme and color palette for everyone to work with that
wants to make something for the 'train'

Most of us that contribute have blogs where we post the links to what we made for
that train....which is where the term 'Blog Train' comes from.

Because we have so very many generous designers contributing, it is easier to not have
this one in Exactly 'train' form...LOL! Most trains are a lot smaller with maybe
4-12 designers making something.

You might have come across them on the net...they usually say this in there post:
You should have just come from (insert name/link of the blog) your next 'stop' is here (insert name/link of the blog)

We don't try to do that here because most of our Amazing trains have over 50 designers contributing!!!

This month's may theme is 'Hello'

You will see the color palette we used on the first post, which is Marisa's
then as you scroll down the will see all of the previews and links
to each designers blogs to download the kits you want. The are all FREE!

Make sure to get the kits you want during the month of the train since some
designers will put them in their stores after that.

Here is the link for the May train: go here

Happy downloading and scrapping! smiley

Ah, thanks for the explanation..
Now it seems so obvious, I shoud have figured it out myself smiley

Wonderful - thank you!! It amazes me to see how different the various takes on the same colours and theme can be - the joy of creativity!

Your welcome!

Isn't it funny how the light bulb goes off after someone explains it...LOL!
I think we've all had those ah-ha moments! smiley

You are so right Dawn!

And it's so much fun to combine it all to make some Amazing layouts!

What an incredibly talented bunch! Thanks all for the contributions. Everyone's kits are beautiful and generous!

And just a little exciting for me, I was featured as one of the "new" offerings on CraftCrave today. THAT was so cool!

Thank you Ladies. These kits are Fantastic!

@Carla. Yay for you! Congrats!

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful gifts...I love them all!

Thank you so much everyone! smiley

@Amara - Your kit is one of my favorites in the whole train, but I decided long ago that no blog train design is worth creating an account on someone's store. I try to be limited in how many accounts I make (Heartbleed is a good example of why). I also don't want to be unappreciative of the time and work it takes to create, and I know some designers use blog trains as a marketing tool - is there a reason why it's particularly beneficial to you to do it that way, rather than offering your contribution through some other means?

Wow, what an incredible ride this blog train has provided. There is so much talent and creativity, it has been a wonderful experience to see all of the kits and to be able to download such fabulous work. Thank you to all of the designers.

I just finally had time to go through the train and it was fabulous! Love that there is such a variety but can still be used together with having the same color palette. Can't wait to get started on June's blog train. Thanks for giving us a place to learn/practice designing! Great job everyone!

Thank you so much, ladies, for all of your beautiful gifts. They were just gorgeous! smiley

Thanks for all the lovely designs. I love the theme and all the wonderful interpretations.

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful items you have all made for us to enjoy.

Thank you VERY much everyone! I LOVE your contributions to the hello blog train!

omg you guys, what a FABULOUS train this month!!

I think I found the right post to say thanks for the beautiful blog train.

Thank you very much for this lovely blog train!

Thank you everyone for sharing your hard work and your creativity with us. I really appreciate it!!

Such a beautiful set of contributions to this months blog train. There were so many that I had to split my downloading spree into two days smiley. It is very much appreciated. I understand how much time and effort goes into making these kits, and you all do such a wonderful job at it.

I know I say this every time, but I really think this is the best blog train ever!! The color palette is amazing and I LOVE everyones' creations! Thank you all so much for your time and creativity!!

I loved your kit, but I could not find a place on your blog to post a comment or thank you. I know your site is under development, but this might be an earlier addition rather than a later one.
Thank you so very much for sharing with us and making a blog to make it easier on us to download your wonderful kits.

Cynthia Arnett,

I want to thank you for giving us such a nice gift. I love alphas and eight sets at one time, 'oh my', and the sprays are great. Again thanks.