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@Tiffany-Thank you for sharing your Pinterest board,i haven't stopped in just yet,however,i will when i really can't figure out what to do.

@Michelle-Thanks for posting the pallet!!

@Maggie-Welcome to Pixel Scrappers blog trains,can't wait to see your work.

@Marisa-We all have those moments,it's understandable.

@Kerry-You Go girl,great kit!!

@Annnu-Nice collaboration!!

This is a great pallet,can't wait to start something,not really sure what i'll do,however,i will come up with something for you ladies to enjoy.
Be inspired,Be creative,Be fun!!

Love your Kit Karry especially the effect you put on your papers,
Your kit is nice to with it's slimplicity Annu,
you ladies are so quick.

Two great kits already! smiley

OK Here is what I got. Trying to think out of the Box! LOL smiley Am working on more to ad to this kit.

Here is mine. I like the Colors.

Beautiful contributions everyone, will be posting mine, next week! smiley

Here is my part smiley I loved the colors this go around! This kit was inspired by a song I used to sing with my Girl Scout troop: Hello to All the Children of the World!

Update 4/16. Okay I have to stop adding stuff! smiley This was fun!
Here are elements. I did my first "cluster," which is not my strong suit, but I studied the links under a recent forum discussion on the topic and that helped. This will be live on my FB page May 1.

Here are the elements:

Here is a better view of just the journal cards:

Here are the papers:

@Julie - Looks great! Can't wait to see what else you might add smiley

Oh thanks Amara! I just love your "around the world" spin on this theme. Very fun!!

Here's my preview

Thanks Julie for the heads up! smiley New Previews LOL

Beautiful parts already! I decided to try something different this month and made my first template. smiley

Amanda - I love your template!

@Amara, I love your kit it gave me few ideas to add into my kit, I hope you don't mind.
@Amanda. Your template is awesome. I love the cluster and use of the negative space.

@Ania: No problem smiley I'm glad I got the creative juices going. I can't wait to see what you add to yours smiley

@Julie: Thanks!

I've only just got April downloaded and unzipped - and now I can't wait for May to come, so I can start all over again! The kits already previewed are so pretty!

@ AMANDA - Ooh, I've just spotted your template. I've never used one before, but I really like yours, so I will have to learn how to use them now smiley

Thank you ladies.

@Robyn - They're really easy to use. smiley

Well, here goes nothing. This is my first attempt in designing and I learned a ton. (I use GIMP so there a lot of self-teaching.) I immediately started humming "Hello Goodbye" by The Beatles when I saw the theme. Cheers.

@Courtney, you are a GENIUS!! A Beatles themed kit is beyond amazing! This is going to be so great!

@Courtney! I use GIMP too. There are a LOT of tutorials on youtube. Beatles is a great idea! I too went somewhat musical. Every time I heard "hello", it made me think of song titles/lyrics. So, that's the WA.

Impressed I actually got this done. We're caring for our 17-month old granddaughter while her mama serves in the USMC. Amazing how tired one is when you're 54 and the "parent" of a toddler again!

thank you so much ~ thats a great help smiley

truely amazing contributions *.*

Just finished mine:) I LOVE the colors and had fun making this, especially making the cameras and typewriter, I think they are my favorite!! What a bunch of amazing contributions so far, I think these blog trains just keep getting better and better!! Yay, I can't wait to see all the finished parts:)

@Sheila I love it. Such a great kit.

Are all of these kits going to be available in the shop? Just saw a lot of great stuff!

such beautiful creations everyone!

@Marieke - these will all actually be freebies for the Pixel Scrapper monthly blog train. This one goes live on May 1st. smiley

LOL! I thought about doing a Beatles kit, too! That's great! Here's mine...


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