May 2014 Blog Train: Palette Submissions

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May 2014 Blog Train: Palette Submissions

Sometimes these blog train things really freak me out. Can you believe I'm asking for submissions for May?? Is that really right?

Leave your theme ideas and palette suggestions below. I'll be back soon with a poll!

I can't believe we are preparing the blog train for May already!
Here are my suggestions:

"A Mother's Love"
★ ★ ★

"May Flowers"
★ ★ ★

This is my first time attempting color palettes. Here are my suggestions:

Love all the choices so far

April Showers Bring May Flowers

[img] image by karry_rowe, on Flickr[/img]

I would love to see some brighter colors with maybe some yellows and oranges. It seems every month there is always a muted purple, a muted green, a muted lavender/gray, and a sea foamy color. I'm hoping some brighter colors will melt this Montana snow smiley

These are my suggestions:


Mother's Day Vintage

Lovely palettes, I don't have any to submit

Have never done this before. It was rather fun! Here is a novice's stab at it!...

Julie...I LOVE ALL your pallets.

Thanks Karry! I try to learn to do something new for each blog train. Making a palette was new for me. I've always worked from other people's palettes, so it was really fun to do!

I love this one. It is my favorite!

@ Karry: I love your colors!

These are all great! My fav is Amara's, but I don't want to choose - I want to do both, light and dark. LOL! I also agree with Karry - I'd like bright colors.

oooo i love Gundi's idea of a Vintage Mother's Day, sewing, crafting (BUT combined)... sounds kind of like an old fashioned love for a mother/grandmother. smiley but i like her sewing color scheme the best... ummm I think I'm confusing myself! LoL

O my! This is going to be a hard one! I like all the palettes!!

I think i like "A Mother's Love" and "Birds Of A Feather" the best, though I think Julie definitely has some winners. The Harbor Cruise pic is stunning!

I would like to throw a couple into the mix as well.
First is from my own swatches I have created.

And I also love this one.

I am like several that have been posted, so will think over which appeals to me the most.

I'm also all in for bright colors and I love love love Karry's Elephant hues!!! smiley
I was still doubting about the exact colors, that's way I clustered a few palettes together, but my submissions are:

*** Super Mom ***

*** Flower Garden / Flourish ***

*** Birds of Freedom / Take Flight / Fly Freely ***

great palettes,

I like Maree's Sprout palette--it has different colors than we've worked with over the last several BTs.

Do we have a poll like vote at the end of this?
So far out of all the palettes I like these.
Jiovanna- May flowers
Amara-May flowers both swatches together
Karry-elephant hues
Julie_Cascades of love
Sharon-Pretty both swatches together/ and the Rebecca jones one with the rabbits.

And of course both of mine smiley

Yes, Maree. Marissa will set up a poll so that everyone can vote. smiley This one will be tough - so many wonderful submissions..

Wow, so many gorgeous ones. This will be a tough pick for sure! Looking forward to voting. I love Sharon's Flower Garden.

I love the "hello" palette @Sharon submitted, with a "hello" theme.

Yea... now that I've seen more I'm liking that Hello scheme of Sharon's too.
I think this is the most submissions I have seen since PS started the Blog Train.
Glad I'm not Marissa having to be narrowing it down for the poll. LoL smiley

Looking forward to seeing what's chosen. So many great palettes to choose from. smiley

Here are a couple more to throw into the mix. Should be an interesting May.

New Spring


All the palettes are lovely! I especially love it when people make them themselves from photos, very cool. For this coming month, I like Sharon's Pretty/Flower Garden/Flourish palette, the one on the right, the brighter one. I am jonesing for some brighter colors! Sharon's top right palette (with the "hello") is good, too, and Karry's elephant palette is also fun.

I've seen the theme "Hello" mentioned several times, which I like a lot. It just cries out to be paired with some fun, bright colors, doesn't it?

This will be a hard one to narrow down, I love all. I guess my favorites are the sewing/crafting colors and the Hello palette. I love the hello theme, or hello spring. Maree, your second palette, with the butterfly, has been used on the At the Beach blogtrain last year, in August I think. I loved those colors!


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