May 2014 Blog Train: Poll

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May 2014 Blog Train: Poll

Sorry for the loud note, but whenever I post it, people never read it. We have four fun palettes for May. Pick your favorite!



Hello! image
45% (51 votes)
Birds of a Feather image
Birds of a Feather
23% (26 votes)
Grandma's Love image
Grandma's Love
16% (18 votes)
Super Mom image
Super Mom
15% (17 votes)
Total votes: 112

oooo Great choices this time around! Can't wait to see which one wins smiley

Love the colour schemes on offer. I hope it was OK to vote even though I still haven't worked out whether I can "make" goodies for the Blog Train!
Helen x

For me, it was between Birds Of A Feather and Grandma's Love. I think the designers would be able to come up with some great 'birdy' designs, but I eventually voted for Grandma' Love because the palette is so unusual. Hope one of these wins! smiley

Hello! Yep. That's my choice. smiley

I voted for "Hello" smiley

I also voted for Hello! Love the colors!

ooooh I love the green in the "Super Mom" combo smiley but they are all nice smiley

Tie between Super mom and Hello, but I chose Hello in the end. Love the orange in that one.

Yay, brights!

I voted for grandma's love, but from the poll results looks like "Hello" is going to be the winner smiley

I'm just going to go with the flow this time around and not vote. Looking forward to seeing what's chosen. smiley

My favorite is Hello! I Love this color palette it is so fun Such a happy palette perfect for what makes me happy kit smiley i wonder what the theme is going to be.

So hard to choose from but I picked one, all great colour schemes

I voted birds of a feather, but hello is nice too

Simple choice this time: The only one without pink. Yes, pink is my designer nemesis, as dh would say o.O

I really liked grandmas love, but i felt like they were more fall like colors. you might want to hold on the palette until fall. smiley

I like the bright colors of Hello!

I really really really like Hello! Good job to everyone who submitted smiley

So is "Hello" for Hello Spring? So it's a springtime theme?

Haha...lavender and sea foam are mine.


Super mom for me....

Had to go with hello.....nice colors and a great theme open to interpretation!

Voted smiley Hello! for me.


I agree with Kianna... Hello is great with the bright colors and that it can be very open to interpretations... so it will we wonderful to see what everyone does. I liked the idea of sewing and crafting and moms and grandmothers being Mothers Day is that month but I like that its' kind of vague too. It adds to the FUN intrigue aspect of it... sort of smiley

Well, if hello really wins and I manage to find time to make a portion, which is really unlikely, I´ll use just the blues and the white smiley

I had a difficult time voting this time... I liked a lot of the palettes, but what often held me back from voting for them was the subject. For example, I loved the palette for Birds of a Feather, but in Dec 2012 we did a bird-themed train & I was hoping we wouldn't do another train with that theme. With Mother's Day being in May, I voted for the Super Mom palette even though the color scheme is not my favorite one. Weird way of voting, I know...

I felt the same way, so I voted for Hello b/c I liked the palette and figured Hello was generic enough that I could do something with it.
Perhaps in the future we should vote for the theme and the palette separately?

@Julie: I like that idea - to vote on the theme and the color separately maybe. Or maybe choose a palette and then have a contest to see who can come up with the best theme name or visa versa smiley


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