May 2015 Blog Train - Final List

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Hi, my part will be available on my blog May 1st

Reserving my spot. I may be a couple of days late, due to the final preparations for our move.

We're also moving tomorrow but I have my blog set to auto-post for me (I think lol)

I hope it works, if not, I'll try to have it up by the end of next week.
***my link was originally the wrong download. If you have already downloaded it please return to my blog and re-download my portion

Find the mini in my BLOG on May 1.

I have separated my contributions in 2 packs: #1 PU and #2 CU
I've added the pink flower (cu) in both packs since it`s really pretty smiley
and hopefully some scrappers will want to use it for a layout.

*About my CU TOU: If you use my brush and design something for the GRAPHICS or the COMMONS Area
- No Credit is needed.

#1 PU:
I don`t have a functioning blog yet.. so Direct - Download here

#2 CU:
Direct - Download here

Here's my preview. It is available on my blog here.

Here's my part. It will be available May 1st. Link below the images.

Available May 1st at ♥ Lavender Mint Graphics ♥

RkSkDesigns Blog

Here is my blog train part (added May 2nd). You can visit my blog HERE or click the preview to head to the blog for download!

Here is my part:) You can grab it HERE on my blog, or HERE at Pixel Scrapper for subscribers:)

Here is my little contribution smiley It is live on the Northern Whimsy blog.

Part 1 can be found on my blog

Part 2 is on my Facebook page.

Please be sure to leave comments and "likes" on the various blogs and pages, when you download. Everyone works very hard to bring these lovely contributions each month, and your "thumbs up" and blog comments are appreciated. smiley

Hi! Happy Spring! Here's my portion, available on Lady DGscrap site.

I hope I'm not too late to put a placeholder in. Work has been a bit insane. smiley

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

All comments here please!

Reserving my spot, it's going to be a few days later. I have not been able to complete it in time (so sorry!), but it will be on my blog on may 4th.

Here's my portion...small, but meaningful. Head over to my blog to grab... Coop's Custom Creations

WOOHOO! Got a QP done as well. This one's over at Coop's Custom Creations FB page.

Sorry I am late the month just slipped past soooo fast is mine to download

Finally, here's my part..."Earth's Spring Renewal."

Hope this was worth the wait! My computer is just going bonkers and I was having trouble copying and pasting. I know the combo previews aren't the best so if you want to see individual ones before you download, you can do so on my blog.

You can download "Earth's Spring Renewal" at WingedHeartOhio. As always, I appreciate constructive criticism.

Sorry this is late! Here is my part, and as always thank you to Pixel Scrapper and Marisa for helping me to share my work. The link will be available until the end of May, 2015


I'm terribly sorry for being so late with this one, but there was a week full of festivities going on here, fairs, Kingsday, etc.. So I couldn't find the time. But, no worries! Here is my part.


I took part in a Designer Challenge to create 5 Tag Templates, so I made these as an Add-On for the blog train. smiley


Here's my contribution. A little bit late. Sorry. Download on my blog.

Finally finished! We hope you all will like it. smiley

Download it here.


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