May 2015 Blog Train - Final List

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When I first saw this palette, I had an idea for an Easter kit. I know Easter has passed, but I just had to finish this because my mind kept returning to it smiley So here it is and I hope y'all enjoy it. Download at

I've also made a freebie for this blog train! smiley
It can be downloaded from my Facebook fan-page or if you're a subscriber, you can download it here at Pixel Scrapper:

I ended up making an entire bundle to match these journal cards, which can also be found here at Pixel Scrapper:

I updated my post (#15) - I am very very sorry that I ended up not being able to participate this month, even though I reserved a spot. I over-committed my time this month and had some unexpected things come up. I won't be repeating this - in the future, barring divine intervention, if I reserve a spot, I WILL provide. Again, I am very sorry.

I know this is super late but I decided at the last minute to join. I hope that's okay!! Mine can be found on my blog.

I have no idea why the image isn't showing!! smiley


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