May 2016 Blog Train - Final List

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I went a little crazy this month. Oh well!

My contribution can be found on my blog.

My fisrt participation in PS blogtrains!
Available in my facebook page

I had a really nice kit for you, but a computer crash a couple weeks ago ate it--and about 9 months' worth of personal scrapbook pages...
So, in a pinch, I put together this fun quick page.

You can use it as is, or add some of the wonderful goodies from the other contributors of this blog train as I've left plenty of space for you.


Pick it up here. Stop by my FB page and say "Hi!"


Better late than never! Here is my part. You can download on my blog.

I made a printable card with my portion. You can snag it on my blog.

Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy! My computer crash 6 weeks ago put me in a bind...but I'm happy to say that after two tries, the HD was recovered completely. I did whip up a QP for the May 1 launch, but now I'm putting my original now-recovered mini kit up on my FB page as a bonus to celebrate!


Cardboard Papers


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