May 2017 Blog Train - Comments

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May 2017 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until May 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Monday can't get here soon enough! LOL

I love Sweden! THANK YOU so much for such an amazingly beautiful mega-kit. I loved having fika (what's not to love, right?) and the people of Sweden were so lovely, and your kit is as wonderful as the country! Thank you!

Beautiful train submissions! I'm really enjoying the trip around the globe smiley Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talents!!!

I adore this blog train and am looking forward to being able to use so many portions of it! Thank you everyone for sharing all these places that are close to your heart!

Kaleena - I just bought my tickets to Spain on Friday and booked hotels yesterday and now today I have a fantastic Spain scrapbook kit? It's too good to be true! Kismet! I'm so excited. Thank you so much for sharing the huge bundle! Mucho gracias!

Thank you ladies for this wonderful world tour! smiley

Thank you for your kind words, I hope you get lots of use out of it!

So, for #20 Shannon Michelle's part....we have to download each piece one at a time if we don't pay for mediafire?
Good much as I love it and would/could use it (since we were recently in Texas) ....I don't have that much time to click 100+ items individually since I only allow myself a limited number of minutes a day for downloading and/or scrapping. If I'm missing some zipped folder I'm not seeing, please let me know. I don't use mediafire much and I'm not used to having to download individual items for the kits. Not sure if it's me missing something. THANKS!
In the meantime, I am able to copy all of the items to a free mediafire account I created to save in a folder for later downloading in case someone else is also limited with time for downloading. It's good to know that if you didn't.

And I'd love to give a huge THANKS to all of the participants. It's so wonderful to see such amazing works of art you all come up with!!

smiley I am glad that you like it! Enjoy your trip.

it's a wonderful trip around the globe smiley thank you so much for sharing all your lovely parts smiley

Viva México!!! smiley smiley smiley

So much creativity. So excited for Sweden, We traveled there a few years ago.

Beautiful kits,everyone. Great job! Pauline, I tried to download your papers, but it keeps giving me the link for the frames instead.

Sorry everyone, I needed to opt out for this month. Hope to be back next month.

Thank you all beautiful thank you very much, there is only one difficult to download because you have to do it one by one, and the Laurel Stone League does not send the place where to download the kit, thanks for everything

I also had the same issues. Two files for frames even though it says paper.

WOW...what an amazing job the designers have done on this subject!! Kudos to everyone for the beautiful trip around the world!! smiley

The Fort Worth Stockyard kit is incredible but element 36, which is a button, the link says not available.

Thanks to all the designers who so generously contributed their respective creations this month - this month's blog train seems extra special and personal, with many people sharing designs inspired by pride in their own country/area/town, or a beloved holiday destination. I even learned a few things, so thanks for the geography lesson! ; )

Rachel Martin, I thought I had downloaded your May kit, but when I went to extract it, I realized it is your March blog train kit. You want to double check your link...

Love the preview, by the way smiley


Did you find a way to download all the files at once or did you download each of them separately/?

For #20, is there a way to download all the files at one time without having to pay for a mediafire upgrade? I'll never experienced this before on a PixelScrapper blog train. I'm sure most of us do not have the time to download 100 files individually. My computer just doesn't cooperate for that.

If anyone has figured out a way to download these as a zip file, please share that information with all of us.

I hope you find pieces that are useful to your photos! If not, shoot me a message and maybe I can create some additional things smiley

@Janet! I love that you supplied passport stamps for this train! I included a Swedish one in my kit and wanted to incorporate more but never got around to it. A wonderful contribution smiley

@Kayl - just had to laugh and hopefully pass on the giggles...when your comment appeared in my notifications, it was shortened to read 'I hope you find pieces that are useful to your photos! If not, shoot me'. Well, we scrappers do take scrapping seriously smiley smiley

Haha! Well, I would hope things wouldn't come to that smiley

Thank you all for a great trip around the world! Lots of possibilities if I ever get to travel anywhere. Maybe I'll do a page about where I'd like to go. As far as the debate about Mediafire goes, it's gotten so confusing and cumbersome, I don't even go there anymore. The same for 4-shared (although that's about the ads they put on my desktop). Dropbox, Google, Jumpdrive; all these are easy to download from. I don't know about the cost, maybe they're more expensive? Anyway, thanks all, for the work you do for this.

Again, a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful and generous designers who came together for this month's BT! Feel as though I've been around the world already!!! Can't thank you all ENOUGH! for your generosity.

I love to travel and I love this train!! Thanks to all for your hard work and great kits! smiley

super theme, wonderful kits, thank you!

No I didn't smiley I had to download individually and it took over an hour. It's unfortunate it was set up this way. Maybe next time something can be done