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May 2017 Blog Train - Working

Doing something a little different in May, we're going to do a DESTINATION theme (emphasis on your hometown/state/etc if that interests you). You choose a destination and go on your merry way. There is no set palette for this train, but if you need some help you're welcome to use my basics palette, or ask below in the comments for some suggestions.

Can't wait to see what happens for this one!!

I just loved this proposal!!

I'll be doing Sweden as a whole.

I already have a Swedish kit so I will likely be adding to it and offer it again smiley

And even if you aren't using it for Swedish photos, my color palette is pretty basic so my non-specific elements will be usable for other things!

Destination Chicago, Illinois! So totally stoked about this one! Glad we know now so I have plenty of time to work on it!

I will do Australia smiley

I am doing New Orleans!

I love this idea!! Since this will go live right around INSD and I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I may only get a mini done and have to add to it later, but ... since i live in northern VA just outside of our nation's capital (and this is on my to-do list), I'm going to do something for Washington, DC. smiley

@Heather: You can make anything from a mini to a full kit, Heather, no worries either way. A mini with a few landmarks, several word strips, a few generic elements, a couple of flairs or brads, and 5 or so papers is all I'm planning on for Chattanooga.

@Laurel: Chicago request, please: coverage of Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, and O'Hare, since those are what I end up hitting any time I make it up there and I've still got photos to scrap!

Holly- Got most of those on the list already, except O'Hare... not sure what to create for that, except the ORD as word art. Let me know what you had in mind for that!
I'm also planning on doing Theatre District, State Street, Michigan Ave./Mag Mile, North St. Beach, Union Station, Millennium Park, McCormick Place, Planetarium, Soldier Field, Guaranteed Rate Field (where the White Sox play), Wrigley, Art Institute, Skyline, Oak Street Beach, Sears (Willis Tower), Hancock, Lincoln Park Zoo, Notebart Butterfly Museum, architecture, Chicago Style Pizza, and OH so much more lol!!

I can do Florida since that's where I grew up. I know its a popular vacation spot tho I myself prefer a cabin in the mountains with snow as opposed to the beach smiley I know Im weird like that smiley But the beach is ok once in awhile. However I do miss the sand. Everywhere else I've lived its just dirt. smiley

I've spent a majority of my years in Florida and I hate that weather!! I much prefer mountains, rain/snow, and all the things that come with it, too. I've been around Alaska a couple times and lived in Seattle for about 7 years or so. Those places were much more my cup of tea than Florida!

any beachy elements would be useful for sooo many pages, Florida or not! Sounds like a pretty useful kit already smiley

@Laurel: Not sure, but it seems like every time my kid gets leave, we end up picking him up at O'Hare...and that's pretty much the only reason anyone in our family has headed to Chicago in the last couple of years. smiley

If I do this one, I think I would do Scotland, as that's where my parents are from. I consider myself to be more Scottish than Australian, even though I was born in Australia, have never lived anywhere else but Australia, and have never had the finances to visit Scotland! It's still the "Home of my Heart", though!

Well at least Im in good company! smiley People often look at me like Im crazy when I say Im not a fan of living in Florida haha! All I think of when people say is Florida is HOT.

Im thinking of doing some sea/beachy stuff as well as hopefully some oaks & the hanging Spanish moss - something I also miss from the deep south.

Scotland sounds neat Robyn! My great grandmother was Scot Irish. One side had immigrated from Scotland to Canada in the early 1800s and around the same time one side immigrated from Ireland. So a Scottish kit would be great for some of my genealogy. smiley

We lived in New Orleans for a few years! Looking forward to seeing your kit!

Ohhh hopefully Kayl you can add some Fika related things! Over the years off and on I have done a fika time with the boys altho I doubt I got any pics of it. smiley Im thinking its past due time to institute it again tho! smiley

@ Laurel ~ My Dads family are from right outside of Chicago. I know eventually I plan on doing a genealogy trip to that area. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! smiley

I've lived in a lot of places, from LA to New York. Big cities, tiny towns on the edge to nowhere...loved them all! But, for this train, I've decided to scrap my home for the past several years -- New Glarus, Wisconsin. It was the first Swiss village established in the US in 1845, was chosen because it resembles the foothills of the Swiss Alps, and is, indeed, Little Switzerland.

I can't decide between the Smoky Mtns and Hilton Head Island. Someone help me? hehehehe.

Haha! I will certainly incorporate some fika-related things! How did you come to know about the swedish fika?

Which do you personally have more pictures to scrap of? Which do you think offers the most versatility among the non-specific elements? Which would be harder to find a kit to best represent? What color palette would be necessary for those locations and which would you rather work with?

That ought to start you off at least smiley

I love the Smokey Mountains! They are a popular place to visit too. smiley We have had very few vacations but one was spent in a cabin in the mountains. I loved every minute of it!

Homeschool and a geeky Swedish techno musician - Basshunter smiley. I love exposing my kids to different cultures from around the globe & since the boys & I already loved listening to some of his songs like Boten Anna & Dota I decided to choose Sweden to explore. So as we learned some things about the Country we made real Swedish foods, I bought a bunch of foods from a Swedish grocer on Amazon and practiced a fika even beyond the unit. I haven't done it in a few years tho but it was a favorite Unit of mine. smiley I love the idea of stopping to take some time to reconnect and of course drink coffee or tea smiley

Well, it seems you have a clear idea of the destination you will make... I'm not sure at all.

I'm from Spain and I don't want to make a "topic-tipical-stuff" from Spain, because my country is not only about paella, bulls and flamenco dancing, there are more things, more culture...

I think I will make a general travel-themed kit using brown, grey, black and white colors, I will give it a try!

Sonia, I thought about doing that too. I may throw some basic travel stuff into my kit, too. We will be doing a road trip to the Smoky Mountains this summer. So, I think I will do the Smoky Mountains (specifically Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg,TN) Unless Holly wants to include that in her Chattanooga kit.

I see! That sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to truly learn about a culture! smiley

You take the Smokies, Erin. I've got a lot here with just the Chattanooga area. smiley

Okay! Thanks Holly!

I am having the hardest time finding Washington DC buildings and/or monuments that AREN'T Clip Art!! Urgh!! I need layered templates! I may be changing mine up if I can't find something soon. In that case I'm either going to go with Vegas or NYC. Never lived in either city, but I love them both equally, and they've both been on my "to design list" forever.

Hello ladies! I'm working on my kit and it will be generic (travelling in general) and I have some questions:

-Which colors will you use? I decided to use these ones:

-What will be the title of you kit? I thought to call it just "Destinations", what do you think about it?

Sorry to make you so many questions, but I will really appreciate if you could tell me something about your kit! It's been a long time since I wanted to make a kit like this and I'm so excited!! smiley smiley


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