May 2018 Blog Train - Working

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I put them on my blog, Madge.

Lovely! Thanks, Bina.... I like what you have done with these. I can see me using these to save some seeds at the end of this year's garden!


Thank you Sunny for the aco file! smiley

Will have the sign up thread posted soon!

I love this theme and it saddens me that I will not be able to participate in the train for a few months. I badly broke my dominant hand and I find it impossible to handle the mouse while in a cast, but I will be checking out everyone's goodies.

So sorry Robin! smiley Sending quick healing vibes your way!

Hi this is mine,Joyce

My part

Nice train - looking forward to tomorrow! smiley

@Joyce - Lovely!
@Rachel - Love it! That frame is too sweet!

This is what I have for tomorrow. smiley Truly cant believe its already May though!

Great papers Jessica and I love the elements Rachel. That is my favorite style. Lots of pretties this month. Here's my contribution. I thought I would try something different.


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