May 2019 Blog Train - Working

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May 2019 Blog Train - Working

The May 2019 blog train is Spring Cleaning!

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I don't know what it has to do with the 'cleaning' part yet, but it's certainly spring-y! Elements to come.

Swoon worthy Kayl! Love it!! smiley


Nice colors, fun theme, but....who really scraps photos of someone cleaning? One of life's little boggles.

@Diane- I actually have taken photos of my young kids playing with the broom and such. It makes me feel like I'm doing parenting right. smiley

Becky -- Thanks for turning my lightbulb on! smiley

Here is my part, it was funny to make it!:

Great job Tammy, Diane and love those journal cards Sonia!

@Diane our congregation has a regular Spring Cleaning so we usually have photos from that. smiley But I probably have never took photos of us cleaning around the house. lol!

I also have zero photos of those particular moments... LOL! But all the kits are so cute so far! This is going to be yet another great blogtrain! I have my part here:

I have a solution for everyone that doesn't have photos of cleaning-----stage a cleaning day, and take photos! BWAHAHAhahahaha!
I'm so helpful.

@Lisel: LOL!!! I am considering to do exactly that! Or... you know... Just actually get to the real business and take pics... smiley smiley smiley ( It's not like those tasks have to be planned ahead, money saved, job adjustments, and etc... ;D )


We had a rule when our kids were growing up that their list of chores had to be complete before spring bring kicked off or before any friends could come over. Their friends would come help with chores to get it done faster because they were just as impatient as our kids to get on with their break. I'd often take picture of all the kids cleaning and the fun they turned it into. We also had a ton of kids volunteer to help clean the chicken when it was time so we have pictures of that as well. My kids never understood the attraction of poop scooping because for them it was a chore they got for too much sass and they hated it.

I tried to draw four kids helping with spring cleaning, but I think they looked more like little cooks. Well, I hope you like it anyway.

PSMay19_SpringCleaning_TamaraF_Preview copy by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

This is what I came up with:

and a better look at the papers:

I'm going to make some papers and general elements too but that's what I've finished until now

Someone's been doing 2 hour naps during the day so productivity is my middle name!

Nothing clean around here for the forseeable future though - two weeks of school holidays. Yikes.

I went in a little bit of an old fashioned nostalgic direction for this one...

Brenda, I LOVE that old fashioned feel of your kit!

I did an alpha and icons set.

@Laurel - ooh, I love that distressed glitter alpha!! The icons look fun, too.

Phyllis, those drawings are awesome!!!! Can't wait to use these elements on a spring cleaning page.

all the kits so far look so good!

The first time in awhile I've been done soon enough to do a preview! Photobucket isn't particularly cooperating today but hopefully this shows up.

I stuck to the palette, but did not scrap design cleaning supplies. My heart just wasn't in it, so perhaps people will use this as a stash builder, instead.

Sunny, you can never have too many flowers. And paint splatters. And plaid papers. I LOVE those plaid papers! And the painted papers are beautiful, too!

I went in a slightly different direction. My thoughts were cleaning and organizing the garage. This is what I have for now. Still working on a few things.

Here are my new previews:


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