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Thank you everyone! what a beautiful collaboration!! smiley I'm sad that I didn't have the chance to participate this time - especially since I LOVE the palette - but you all did such wonderful work, that I'm more than thrilled despite not having participated smiley Thank you! smiley

Oh my - Pixelscrapper rocks! This train is so pretty and there is wonderful diversity in the themes. Excellent job and many thanks to all involved,I know I downloaded far more than I should have but I couldn't resist!!

Gorgeous work everyone!! Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to scrap with this wonderful mega collection!

wOw! kudos to you all! And thank you very much for the wonderful blog train gifts! They are awesome!

Thanks again to Marisa, and to everyone who left lovely comments on my blog. The contributions are beautiful and I am so thankful to be part of such a wonderful blog train. Looking forward to the next! smiley

Phew! Made it through the entire train, only took a few days smiley I left a comment on every blog where I was able to, and the comments for everyone else are listed below.

Special thank yous to everyone who made their products CU and who offered their part of the train through direct download. I know not everyone can do that (I couldn't do everything CU this time) but it is appreciated when it is possible!

If you have Captcha turned on I likely did not leave a comment on your blog. I urge you to check your settings and turn off Captcha requirements for commenters - I can almost guarantee you'll get more comments, and who doesn't love comments?

If you are wondering if you have Captcha turned on on your blog, check your blog settings. If your blog train portion was offered on your blog and your comment is listed below and I didn't give some other explanation then you probably have Captcha turned on. smiley

Linda: I like the era you chose - that's the time period vintage means to me, too! Looks like you have some lovely patterned papers there, and the glitter elements are irrestible. Thank you!

Donna (FYI, you don't have a Captcha, but it won't let me leave a comment unless I'm "logged in." I don't know what that means, since I was already logged in to Wordpress at the time): What a fun 50s look - it's amazing how the same palette can look turn of the century vintage in one kit and then perfectly 50s in another! I really like the polka dot and diamond patterned papers. Thank you!

Mandy: I adore the art deco Jazz Age look you have going here and in the add-on. The palette colors look great with your designs and the ombre papers are especially yummy. Thank you!

Michelle: Your kit looks beautiful and feels very calm and peaceful. Thank you!

Jessica: Wow, so many pieces, thank you for your generosity! Looks like a lot of great stuff! Thanks for the kit and the journal cards as well.

Kiana (no Captcha but kept telling me there was an error submitting my comment): There's something about your papers that just really draws me in. I appreciate a nice, big preview as well. The little embellishments are all so pretty, and the journal card is adorable. Thank you!

Andene: What a fun take on the theme, it feels very lively and jazzy with the beaded borders, spirograph-esque flowers and old-fashioned suitcase. The papers look super intriguing as well. Thank you so much!

Janece: Sorry it was so agonizing to make this gorgeous creation! What heavenly papers in color, design, and texture. The doily element is very sweet as well. Thank you!

Jamie: What fun! Can't go wrong with a big ice cream sundae. smiley That fan is gorgeous, I'm excited to download and see it up close. Thank you!

Nadia: Such beautiful papers, I especially love the wonderfully faded pink-on-pink polka dots, the yellow with glitter arcs and the ombre papers. Thank you, and thanks for making your part CU!

Melissa (no Captcha but I'm not sure my comment went through): Thanks for such huge generous collections! I like the soft faded look of a lot of the papers, and damask patterns are especially wonderful. The washi tape is great - I love washi! Thank you!

Harriet: You captured Mid-century Modern so perfectly! Your papers and elements remind me of how fun I find this period in design. Great use of the color palette to suit the era - it's so amazing how this one palette can be transformed from 19th century to mid-20th with skillful color combination. Thank you for your contribution!

Beth: I didn't want to go through setting up an account at your shop, so I won't be downloading your piece, but I wanted to leave you some compliments on your designs nonetheless. Love all the sparkle and glitter, so fun for the Christmas theme. You did a great job making the palette and the designs feel very "Vintage Christmas." I especially like the white and red ornament, the pink patterned papers, and the vintage Santa card.

Janet: Thanks so much for this sweet add-on. I adore the pattern and the subtle color variation on the purple paper and the vintage elements are so charming. Thank you!

Emerald: What fun patterns on your papers! I really like the red one with the lacey pattern, it has a great folk-art feel to it. Thank you!

Kari: Congrats on completing your first full-size share! Everything looks really fun. The stamp-pattern backgrounds have a great vintage feel. Thank you!

Rachelle: Yay Scrabble word art! It fits so well with this particular theme. Looks like you have a great mix of patterns and textures here, and I like the vintage touches in the key, buttons, feather, tiny rosebuds, and lace border. Thank you!

Tasanee: I like your color combinations and the pretty delicate feel of your paper patterns. The pink lace and great journal card are wonderful as well. Thank you! And thanks for direct download as well.

Dawn: What a great unique take on the color palette - you played up the orange and blue combo more than any other parts of the train and I really like how it turned out. The damask papers are especially enticing and I like the overall flowery vintage feel of the kit. Thank you!

Sharon-Dewi: Just beautiful. The wallpaper-ish painted on look of your paper patterns is so lovely and unique. I'd love to know how to get that effect! The whole kit is just so sweet and pretty, I adore the pink doily and the gingham? plaid? (not sure what to call them) papers as well. Thank you!

Thank you so much everyone! Now all I need is a kick in the youknowwhere to get me scrapbooking again smiley

Wow's so amazing to see how much time you put into thanking Everyone that took part in this train.
That's a huge undertaking all by itself...LOL! I appreciate it more than you know and I'm sure everyone else
does too. smiley

You did add a comment on my blog and edited it to let me know that the captcha had turned back on.
Not sure how that happened, but I turned it off again...LOL! Thanks so much for letting me know. It helps me
a lot when someone takes the time to let me know when an issue arises so I can get it fixed.
Thanks again! smiley

@Kathie, you're so welcome! I always try to leave a thank you when I download for blog trains, but for the Pixel Scrapper train I take the time when I can to make the comments personal and related to the person's actual design. I love this community and I want to support and encourage all our designers, from amateur to professional. I certainly treasure those kinds of comments when I get them. I know it's not always possible, and everything from a simple "Thank you" to just another download on my download stats counter makes me happy, but the personalized comments are definitely the ones that I remember (and go back and read again, I'll admit it!).

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month's train & made such beautiful items... smiley I've been trying to download various parts of the train, while I could, on a terrible internet connection (I'm on wifi, but one of my neighbors keeps streaming videos on Netflix & it makes my connection SLOWwwwww). I can't wait until I'm done & can unzip and look at everything - from your previews everything looked great! smiley

Wow! What a blog train! Thanks everyone! smiley smiley

Violet- I think it's awesome that you took the time to say a kind word and compliment to each participant! Thanks so much!!

I want to thank all of you ladies for being so friendly and helpful. I am really enjoying designing. I love to create! I mentioned Pixel Scrapper on my personal blog if you are interested in reading it you can do so here.

I also mentioned Pixel Scrapper with links and also listed all the participating members with links. It is a great resource for those scrappers for building their "stash" for scrapping. Loving everyone's part and thanks ladies!

Couldn't get all of the downloads but got soooo many of them. They are all awesome .... especially love the Christmas ones though. Thanks so very much to each and every one of you !!! Huggles!! smiley smiley

So I saw we were posting for the December blog train - and that made me realize I hadn't gone through the Nov train yet. So after a couple of days, I've finally made it through. Much tougher finding stuff later in the month because a lot of you blog way more than I do smiley

And I realized a little late, that there were captcha's on some comment areas. I would write my comment and move on - and I realized on someones blog that after I hit "publish" - THEN the captcha code came up. So some comments may not have gotten published because I was trying to move to quick and didn't realize I need to wait for the captcha. And I'm fine with having to fill them out - I think my blog automatically has it and I can't turn it off - but I feel bad that some comments may not have been left.

Anyway - this was a HUGE train - and was filled with awesome contributions! Thanks to all!

So many beautiful kits in the "vintage" blog train, thanks so much everyone. But I was unable to download some of the kits as my computer said the downloads were unsafe! Don't know if it was just my computer being funny but thought I should mention it. It was downloads from 4 shared which seemed to be a problem and my computer was also attacked by a virus whilst on that site!

Thank you, to all of the designers that gave of their abilities to help the rest of us. Your designs are awesome.