Nov 2014 Blog Train: Working

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Nov 2014 Blog Train: Working

For November I've gone ahead and picked a palette and theme. The PS designers are working on a little surprise, and I thought maybe everyone would want to join...I'm also going to put up a poll for the December train. I've got some busy months ahead, so I'd like a little head start. I imagine some others might as well.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

See here for general details on Pixel Scrapper blog trains.

Listen at your own discretion. This song will get stuck in your head...


Big palette! Yay! I'm feeling this one for sure!

Lots of colors in this palette! Beautiful too. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

What a huge palette! And the theme "Our House"... there was an song popular here in Australia years ago go by that name, and that's the only thing running through my brain right now! Our house, in the middle of our street...

Maybe something retro 50s style? I think that's beyond me, but I'd love to see someone come up with something in that vein. (Hint, hint!)

Or vintage? 'Home Sweet Home' stitched samplers?

It could even be a Haunted House!

And I've just realised that the song I was thinking of is the Madness one that Marisa has in her first post here! (Duh!)

Robyn - 50s style, what a great idea!!

Awesome! So many pretty colors to work with.

oh wow this blog train will look so great with such a varied palette looking forward to seeing what others come up with now have me singing that tune "our house" (I am in Brisbane)

This is going to be fun. I can't wait for the designer's surprise! Crosby, Stills, and Nash's "Our House" is the song that now going through my head!

@Debbie Sharman - oh, I know about that song!!! I've had it running through my head all day today, since I listened to it this morning! (Gee, thanks, Marisa!)

I live in Gympie, so we're only two hours away!

@Patricia - As I said, a retro 50s style is beyond me, but I would LOVE to see a retro blog train! And, I think it would fit the colours, too. smiley

@Robyn: I did put a disclaimer before the video smiley

I've had it running through my head all day today, since I listened to it this morning! (Gee, thanks, Marisa!)

Oh yes... the song!!! smiley Good memories from that one! smiley

What a beautiful array of colors for this palette. I can hardly wait to get started. Don't know if I'm feeling Thanksgiving or Christmas....maybe I'll flip a coin.

@Marisa - smiley I know, you did warn us!!!!!

Oh, good grief! Now it's running through my head again today!

hahaha love that song!! Absolutely love the colors of this blog train. What an array!! I guess I'll be running around with the song playing in my head too. smiley

Thanks for the ear worm... I played that album till the grooves wore out! That and anything by Joni Mitchell..wonderful time to be alive and young! Looks like this train is gonna be a SUPER BIG one again!

Great, so many colors and what a theme. I am in for sure;)"Our House", in the middle of the street would be the theme for us. Since we technically live in a town and our house sits right beside a state road. Feels like everyone is running through us;)

I love the huge palette, but I'm having a hard time finding my focus for this theme. At first, I thought use colors and styles of things in my home, but my colors aren't really part of the palette. Maybe I will just go with the style of my home.

Robyn, you gave me some ideas. I'm Pinteresting as I type lol.


I am having a problem getting a focus on a theme I need some inspiration, any ideas would be helpful, on my knees begging ~ please, please smiley

I was going to sit this month out because I'm drowning in busy, but this palette is SO fantastic! I'm a sucker for rainbow palettes, and the array of more neutral colors is exciting as well.

I just realized either way I win - either I get to design using this awesome palette, or I get to collect a ton of designs using it (well, I get to do that in either case smiley ).

I was trying to think of things that happened in or around one's house, and since I haven't done any word art for a while, I decided to go in this direction for the November blog train. As with the first go-round for this month's train, this kit may or may not change! :-0)

Those are lovely Julie! smiley

Am I the only one to notice that the date on the palette image is a year behind?

@Rose....ha! Not now, you're not!

@ Rose and Julie: that's funny!! I didn't see that one too!! smiley Nice work Julie! I began with my parts but I think I have to stop somewhere. I think it's the palette, it's so big, lots of ideas!

Here is some of the stuff I am working on, I saw that Marisa was doodling some houses....I had the same idea so I changed it so we don't have the same thing for the train....I thougt to add a family (or two) watercolor...I discovered "Kokeshi" so I am in the Japanese art modus now... smiley So fun to do!!!!

Let's not forget the song, Our House, by Crosby Stills & Nash...


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