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@Bina, now that your preview is a bit bigger, I can see your elements and I'm in love with the bird with stitching! The leaf patterned flower is adorable, too and the spirograph style flower paper! (Do people even know what spirograph is these days?)

@Dawn, I'm sure anything you come up with will fit in nicely smiley Sometimes it just takes a bit to get going!

"(Do people even know what spirograph is these days?)"

This made me laugh, Kayl! And the answer is - not only do I know what it is, I still have mine from when I was a kid & (whispers) I still play with it once in a while. =D

I have mine too! No one my age (26) even knows what I'm talking about but I think it's awesome! I haven't whipped it out in ages but maybe it's time to do so smiley

smiley Thank you, Kayl! But I am afraid the stitching is still to come, it is just a border.... Spirograph seems still to be out there, I had no idea there was a My Little Pony Edition

Either way, stitching or border, it looks super cool!

I'm not sure how happy I am with the overall kit, it seems a bit jumbled, but I do like my papers. I'm biting the bullet though and not going to overthink it so I can move on to other things!

Bina! I really like your kit. Your use of white brings out the colour. Quite inspiring. The kits here are cool, but I'm still waiting for inspiration. It's really lovely to see what you all come up with. Many many thanks.

Kayl and Jane: blush, thank you... smiley

Beautiful kits so long! I'm working on mine!

my part on my blog 1th november here :

beautiful palette , and your parts are beautiful girls!!! smiley smiley


Rachel, I can never see your previews, not here and not in the current blogtrain...
I only see a circle with a white line in it (like for a no way street, but in grey and white)
Can every one else see the preview? Do you know why I can't see it?

Same, Patricia. It never shows up.

Same for me too.

and Same for me too smiley

I was finally inspired enough to finish off some elements. I have solid papers, too, but those will be separate download.

Rachel E, I can see your preview now and it looks great!

Same experience here, can see now, though. smiley

Thank you Erin, i'm glad that the problem with my preview Resolved.

I can see it too! Thanks!

finished early smiley

Eventually I should get these previews all on one page.............But this is my submission for November Blog Hop.

wow, those are just beautiful Sunny!! this theme sounded so perfect for your style!! smiley

You are very kind, Elizabeth, always so encouraging and supportive. I learn from designers like you!

Thank you Sunny, but in truth I love studying your designs and learning from your art. You have a beautiful style that always looks so polished.

Hi ladies, I am working on a contribution (minikit) for the November BT. Can anyone tell me a source to submit the preview in order to get the image URL. I no longer have a blog and that is what I previously used. Also Photobucket has discontinued their free service, so I am in need of a source--so I can post the preview. Thanks for your help.

Hi Donna - I use IMGUR for photo previews, and I'm sure that you will get more suggestions from others..............


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