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I'd suggest imgur, too. Some use Dropbox but their permissions change from time to time and don't allow others to view images, same with google drive occasionally! That's more of a headache than I'd like to deal with, I've used imgur for several years and nothing has ever changed. It's very straight forward and allows for albums, privacy settings, quick uploads, etc. smiley

added an alpha:

Thanks so much for your response to my inquiry Sunny and Kayl. I have registered at Imgur and will see if it will work now.

Thanks for your help!

Now to conquer Dropbox for the kit downloads!

I love your papers and those light purple leaves! Wonderful contribution, Donna!

This is so beautiful, Donna. Really looking forward to playing smiley


OH. MY GOSH. I had trouble with this. (Although I confess it's mostly because of the "elegant", aspect. My designs are almost always grunge.)

This will be live on my blog November 1st.

This is what I came up with.

Here is mine, link will activate Oct 31


Download on my blog November 1:

Hummm...this is on my radar. So thankful I looked through what has already been submitted. Prior to that, the palette was challenging to this primary/rainbow palette user. smiley

Here is mine! smiley

I know what you mean about the spirographs not being well known, Kayl. My son is close to the same age as you and although I found one for him when he was young, the term 'spirograph' never stuck. I don't think he liked it much smiley

I'm amazed that you and Sarah still have yours...mine is long gone, LOL. ... now I'm remembering another artsy toy I ad and loved as a child... I don't know what it was spun a disc of paper on a spindle, in a box and you squirted paint on it while it spun.

Of course, neither of these toys received the approval of my father, as he was a professional artist an wanted me to draw without tools, LOL,I wonder what he would have thought about the digital designs I do now smiley

Phyllis; I love your contribution! Gorgeous!

I had one of those paint squirty spinner things, too. I can't recall the name either but I never much cared for it anyway. I played with it once or twice probably but it lived in the closet most of its life. I much preferred my spirograph or paint by number pictures when I felt the crafty/artsy urge.

Sweet kit,Erin; I absolutely love the leafy/twined natural frame!

Cute kit, Elizabeth; I adore your bird!

I see the following in the terms of use page at imgur:

" Also, don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars, or anything else that turns us into your content delivery network."

Which would indicate that using imgur to host our previews is forbidden.

Eek, kinda excited for this train to go live! smiley

Even if you don't want to have a blog, you can make a free blog using Blogger. Then you can upload your images to a new blog post. Get the image codes and then revert the post to a draft, which will take the images off of the blog, but the codes still work. This is what I've done for years now! Although, I do still use my blogger blog.

LOL Erin I do something similar but I just leave the post up...usually titled "Working on the January 2018(or whatever month it is) PS Blog Train".


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