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Lisel, I am so sorry!

Bina, I did as Jessica said.. I put it in my cart again and now I have the papers! Thank you!!

That's also how I got the download link to show for me, once you fixed the papers. "Purchasing" the kit again got me a fresh dl link.

Lovely, lovely contributions everyone!

Oh, Bina, no worries!
Beautiful kit!

As always, each piece of this wonderful train is awesome!! Thanks to the generous designers... smiley
I can't find the link to download Rachel Martin's beautiful kit...


Gorgeous layout Nae, thank you so much for the tutorial and the wonderful kit, love'em!

Dear ladies, thank you so much for all the gorgeous freebies!

Thank you Grace I appreciate that. You are a peach.♥

is there a post to show outr layouts? I have looked all over, or just in the gallery?

Its purely optional, but if you want to show layouts that you use the Nov Blog Train you can add them here in the November Blog Train Challenge thread.

Thank you!

Thanks Jessica. I will certainly do that when I want to post a layout. What I posted was a psp tag which is what I do most of the time. I do not believe there is a specific thread for that in here since most do not do psp tags. smiley

The tutorial really worked better when screen sizes were a tad smaller and we used smaller sized graphics on a daily basis. But by using the method shown you shouldn't have any more blurry images.

@Nae smiley Well the fun part about adding your layout is it will enter you into the challenges [be sure to add the correct tags] and thus your name could be drawn as a random winner. smiley Those are always fun!
And I dont think there is really certain threads for certain project types {I've missed it if there is} but the gallery is open to all kinds of projects now. smiley

Edit: Lol I never know how many smiles I am using till I hit "post reply" smiley

Thank you Jessica, my photo is no longer Blurry!

Cool I will have to try that. Thank you. smiley

@Rachel, I love the look of the image on your Blog Train post, but I can't find a way to get to the google download for it. I can't wait to get it!

All the kits are so awesome, I can't thank enough all of you who spent so much time and talent to create these wonderful kits and have shared them with us...may God Bless you abundantly for your generosity...Cynthia S

I agree!!!!

Here is the link to anyone who was looking for it prior to today! Sorry for the wait!

smiley Rachel

Thank you, Rachel!

I just tried to follow the links on the November 2019 blog train. I only went through the first 3. Most were broken or led to Facebook pages that were empty. Please fix things so the blog train is functional. I was very disappointed.

Gayle, you should try again. I checked the links just now and the first several worked just fine.

Gayle ~ I checked as well and like Amanda found they are there. smiley

Pauline's is a little buried because she has new posts on her blog. Keep in mind once you have past the 1st, some active bloggers can have several new posts. I usually just check that month's posts from that blog or just keep checking previous pages until I see months train I am looking for. smiley

On facebook if you encounter a box that says something similar to "Like to get a freebie" then right above it you can either click the "Skip" or click the facebook like button and it will bring you to the freebie page on facebook.

For some like, Bina Greene's freebie, it is linked from her blog post and is in her shop. You will just need to check the freebie out thru her store - like a regular purchase but it will be free. I have done this and it's there. smiley

The only other thing is make sure your firewall or internet is not causing any issues.

Hope that helps! And definitely hope you can download all those goodies! None of us want you to be disappointed! smiley Please let us know if you are still having issues tho!

Thank you, Rachel Martin!!!


thank you all. These are gorgeous. Love the color choices this month, Marissa.

Thank you ladies so much for the beautiful kits in the Pixel Scrapper blog train. I love them so much. You all are so creative that it helps me be creative too. Thank you again.

Hello Everyone! I just added my part which you can grab mine HERE

Lori, it's beautiful! Thank you!

Morning Lisel, You are very welcome. smiley