November 2019 Blog Train - Working

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November 2019 Blog Train - Working

The November 2019 blog train is Fall In Love!

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smiley Thank you, Sunny.

Thanks a lot Sunny smiley

Ooh, very nice Bina. I love the trees, but everything looks perfect.

smiley Thank you, Amanda.

OOOoooooo LOVE the trees, too! And that leaf is awesome!

Lovely Palette . Looking forward to some super designs.

@ Bina...I love the orange floral paper! And thank you for making some tags, I use them a lot, yet I don't always include any in my kits.


Gorgeous paper, Tammy, and that bird is simply too cute!!

@Dawn thank you so much!! those are gorgeous papers, and what beautiful colors on the leaves!!

Thank you, Dawn! I wasn't sure I'd like working with this palette, but the colors go very well together. And maple leaves in Autumn are my favorite. smiley

Not so crazy about fall weather, but I loved the colors in this palette. Just wish I had more time to work with them a bit more.

Oh, Diane, that's GORGEOUS! LOVE the leaf dangle, and the papers, and the beautiful lace border!

Ooh, very nice Diane!

Thank you, Lisel and Amanda. Fall colors are always so beautiful to work with.

@Diane, you may not have had the time you wanted, but I love what you've done! The leaf dangle is awesome, but I also really love the poppy pods and the subtle patterns in your papers!! The lace border is also gorgeous....okay...I adore your whole contribution smiley

Thank you, Dawn. I have a thing for dangles. I have crystals and beaded dangles hanging in my windows. They add a little sparkle even on the gloomiest days. (Is "gloomiest" a word?) Almost 30 years ago, we left LA and moved to the middle of nowhere on the Minnesota-Canadian border. It was a welcome change to get back to the normalcy of the upper Midwest. Great place to raise our kids. Anyway, these colors reminded me of the rides I used to take through the woods on my horse. My saddlebags used to be filled with pods and dried weeds that we'd find along the way. Good memories.

Oooooo Rachel, I love those papers, and the chip leaves, and the metal heart! It's all so pretty!

Very nice, Rachel. I especially like the far-right paper.

Thank you!

Ooh, Trish, I like the bunting and the leaf border. smiley

Definitely looking forward to the completed blog train for this one.

@Lisel, beautiful kit with gorgeous papers!!

@Rachel, LOVE your glittery elements and your beautiful papers, my favorite is the leaf and heart one!

@Trish, beautiful papers, especially the leafy one, and the frames are so pretty!

Thanks, Dawn! I'm so excited, this is the first kit I've EVER MADE! AND.......I'm participating in my FIRST EVER BLOG TRAIN! WOOHOO!


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