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Gina, SO pretty! I especially love the middle one.

Beautiful Gina !

Hi there - I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be taking a break for a bit. I won't have a November kit to share. But I look forward to seeing all of your great creations! Be well, all

Thank you Sabyne. I really enjoy making clustered tags.

Available for download November 1 on my blog. Thank you Bina for the Swatch Simples Challenge. Got me in gear early.

Sunny, I'm going to miss you! I LOVE your designs, but I know that sometimes it's just too much to do with real life thrown in there, too! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! God bless you, kind lady!

Fantastic kits here, looking forward to this one smiley.

smiley We're whipping up some swatch simples in the designer challenges forum, please join us! Challenge ends when 2019 does.

I made a lil add on for the Oct 2019 PSBT mini.

I would love to do the blog train but I am used to making kits in tagger size not sure what size the things should be in this kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nae

Sunny I joined your blog. I went and had a look at your site. YOU are awesome! I subscribed to it. I Love your style. Thank you for all you do. ♥Nae

Nea: smiley pls join us!

There is a great write up by Violet on blog trains here.
Pls also dl a free blog train kit from the current October 2019 blog train and check out the sizes.

The papers are 12x12 inches at 300 dpi, sizes for elements vary. 300 dpi is the standard resolution. If you imagine that you are putting the elements on a 12x12 inches page. Also, look at the PS shop and the sizes there. A good place to look at is mini kits and their sizes.
There are also a number of kit template kits that make it easier to get into it than starting from scratch, especially if you are uncertain about the sizing.

Hope that helps and looking forward to your participation, Nea.

Thanks I will do..... smiley

Just found this so the correct size should be 2480 × 3508 Pixels is that right?

The pixel dimensions for 12x12 paper at 300dpi would be 3600 pixels on a side (300 pixels per inch times 12 inches).

I find for other elements, it helps to design them on a 3600x3600 pixel canvas so I can compare them to the paper size and don't end up making them too large or too small.

When I first started out designing, I used this guide for sizing.

There was another size guide that I recall using too. I'll see if I can hunt it down. Edit: found it!

Otherwise, I agree with Amanda. Design on 12x12 and go from there.

smiley Sweet links, TY.

Thank ya'll that helps so much!♥

Great links, Trish!

Oh, so very helpful! I'm new to designing, and I'm discovering that I design things WAY too big! Needed this!

Me too girl!♥

I am so excited about this month's theme. It is my favorite season!! Here is my submission.

Looking good, Laura!

Beautiful papers, Laura!

I "fell in love" with this colour palette! smiley


Paint stamps:

Cute Kit Brenda! Love the paint stamps!

Love it, Brenda! That birch paper is very pretty (what I can see of it so far smiley )

wow!! very beautiful kits ladies, love it! Love colors to ! smiley smiley

my part for this BT , download ..1 November in my blog

Very nice, Bourico!


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