November 2019 Blog Train - Working

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thank Amanda! smiley

Mine here:

wow!! Sonia, very beautiful!!!! smiley

Gina, the one with the owl is sooo cute!

I will try to make a kit this month in the last few days ...

Sonia, those mushrooms are so cute!

Looking like a beautiful train everyone!! smiley

it's a very beautiful blog train ladies! smiley smiley

For the ladies just getting started, most people will make their layouts on a 3600x3600 pixel (12x12 inches at 300 DPI) canvas. So when you're designing it's often easiest just to start with a canvas that size. For papers you'll want to keep it that big, for elements it gives you a sense of scale when you're making the element, as you can see how big it will be on someone's layout.

Beautiful Jessica! Rich!

Thank you Robin! smiley

I really like that wreath and all your papers, Jessica!

Okay, ladies. I've not checked in here for a while so I've got several comments to make smiley

@ your tags and the pocket cards. It looks like they are 3x4, are the also in other sizes? your leafy papers and that all your papers are small patterns (I use small patterns a lot).

@Bina...I'm so glad you've made more tags!!

@ Laura...I'm loving your papers, especially the top two in the right hand group. Your word art is also fantastic!

@Brenda...the kissing birds are so pretty, and WOW I'm in love with your papers. Your "paint" is awesome (is paint the right term?)

@Bourico...very pretty kit! I love the leaves at the bottom left!

@Jessica...My, oh my! Your kit is absolutely gorgeous!

@Pauline...very cool alpha!

Here is mine it will go live on my blog Nov. 1st.

You can find my blog HERE.

I hope I did it right this is my first blog train. Everyones looks amazing! smiley smiley Nae

Here is mine! It's been a busy couple of months with school starting back up and having to move rooms this year, but had a chance this week to do a little design work!

Looking good, Nae and Laurel!

@Amanda & @Dawn ~ Thank you!

Pauline those cards are awesome and Nae love all those woody items!
@Laurel ~ I completely understand! I've been swamped with schooling my 3rd grader & preschooler on top of keeping up with everything lol! smiley I'm so glad the routines are beginning to emerge!

Wow, Laurel, those papers are SO COOL!

Thank you Amanda and Jessica.♥ I think you done a awesome job Laurel.♥ smiley

@Nae...that owl is simply too adorable, and I love all the rustic elements!!

@Laurel, glad you had some time to create your beautiful kit, love your papers!!

Gorgeous kits, everyone. Love the palette this month, so had to do a mini kit for the train. It will be available on my blog Nov 1.

Here's a better look at the papers:

I like your leafy papers, Phyllis!

smiley Thank you, Lisel. That is so sweet of you to say.

Thank you Dawn smiley I love your kit too and also your comments on all the contributions. smiley

So beautiful, Amanda! smiley

smiley Sonia: So adoarble, totally in love.

Thank you Dawn.♥

Phyllis that is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!♥

@Amanda - Thank you so much. I love the leaves in your kit, and every thing else too.

@Nae - Thank you very much. I love that owl in your kit. So cute and creative.


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