Oct 2015 Blog Train - Final List

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I'm here, just little later than usual Dea's designs

Download available on my blog: BitsOScrap

Available on my blog click Here

I have a 16-yo boy so this is right up my alley. Teenage boys are weird!! smiley

My graphics/clip art can be found on my blog.

Okay, I'm ready to go! I've only created a paper pack this time as I've had a rough month health-wise and didn't get much scrapping and designing finsihed. It is commemorating some teenage firsts. I really debated whether it was good enough to share, but I did a lot of work on the graphics so I decided to go on and share. Please note that all but two graphics (see my TOU/Credits for them) are either free or purchased clip art or vectors with unrestricted use licenses. This is the first cutesy and cartoon'y thing I've ever done...and probably the last! LOL I hope someone finds it useful. As always, you can download it here: WingedHeartOhio.

Blessings to you and yours,

Here is my part of the train HERE

This time I'm only a tiny bit late. Much better than last month. LOL!

As usual I did 3 sets. If you're on my newsletter, go straight to your email because I've already sent you all 3 links. If you didn't receive it, send me a PM here on Pixel Scrapper so we can figure out what's wrong.

Grab the Papers & Glitters Set from my blog.

Get the Elements Set at my Facebook page.

I created this Jean Pockets Set exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. Sign up here.

Happy Scrapping!
Marcy Coate

Here's my portion on my BLOG!

I'll definitely be late this month. I'll eventually be joining though. smiley

One of the boys felt that I had left a couple of things out so here ia an add on to my kit. Sorry it's so late.
You can find it on my blog here

I am SO sorry this is so late. I had ideas, but none were coming together the way I wanted. So this weekend was the BIG PUSH! I got it done and sorta please with it. Hope you like it too. It's on Coop's Custom Creations ready for you to snag!

Working on a QP for my Coop's Custom Creations FB page as we speak. Thanks for your patience.


Here is the link. Hope it works https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgbqf3vaa2xd30a/psbtteenkcoct15.zip?dl=0

You can find my kit HERE

Better late than never, right?

Here is the second portion of my Oct. Kit!

And the third part:

at my blog: Frogs and Flutterbyes

smiley Finally managed to create my word art, better late than never I guess. You can download this on my blog here

UPDATE - have been busy and managed to get 1 more word art kit created


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