Oct 2018 Blog Train - Comments

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Oct 2018 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until October 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

What a wonderful collection of designs this month! I love most all of it...perhaps, now I'll be motivated to put together that cookbook of favorite recipes that I've been meaning to do for years; thank you to all the designers! smiley smiley smiley smiley

Whoops...I don't know how I managed to make this error...but, obviously, my comment above was intended for September's Cozy Kitchen BT. smiley

Many thanks, ladies - for this wonderful Stone Age blogtrain. Dinosaurs fascinate me - and here I got a lot of it. smiley smiley

Everyone's looks great!

I would so much love to learn more! Like for example Tammy and Dawn did you draw yours on the computer? Or draw on paper and scan? Laurel are yours photographs? Karen how did you ever do that? Are those elements drawn? On the computer? I so wish I could watch everyone work!

Congratulations on a fabulous train contribution everyone!

This was a beautiful train everyone. I loved the colors and the dinosaurs are going to be perfect for scrapping pages of my grandsons. They're positive that I actually knew dinosaurs up close and personal!

LOVE this collection and all the wonderful fall colors. You ladies rocked this collaboration.

Many thanks for all your beautiful gifts!!! smiley ... smiley and again for that rad swatch!

Thanks for this Blogtrain, it looks great and my son will be delighted to see his pictures together with dinosaurs! smiley

So many fun goodies with this train... I love everything !


It's a shame that some people don't value the designers' time and generosity at giving this free mini kits to us. Complaining in such terms about having to login to a store or go to facebook to get a freebie is simply disgraceful to those people. (They left their comments in the train list thread).
On my part, I am so THANKFUL because every month I can get an awesome mega kit from the wonderful PS designers. I am sorry because not every month I say thank you to all of you...
smiley smiley

Everyone, I didn't think I'd like this blog train.
But I'm so surprised to say that I LOVE it!
I'm going to download a lot of it, if not all of it!
And each of you made it unique to your interpretation.
I love that!
Thank you all so very much for all your generosity!

Diane Hiller wrote:
They're positive that I actually knew dinosaurs up close and personal!

That is funny ad so cute! Maybe you should find a photo of a museum dinosaur and overlay a photo of you standing with it...then they, can show the "proof" to their friends, LOL, smiley

Thanks everyone for another great train! Your talents and generosity are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for great contributions! Our grand sons are over the moon! Our grand daughters have asked for fairy land and fairies to be considered smiley

I'm loving what I see out of this blog train! The earthy tones are great, and the trucks and especially the dinosaurs will be perfect for knocking out some pages of my boys. (My 3 year old has been obsessed with dinosaurs for literally half his life. smiley ) Thanks so much!

I apologize for my site timing out and being very, very slow today. On the other I feel a bit flattered and want to thank you for the interest in my contribution. Please consider stopping by at a later time.

Would anyone let me know whether or not they were able to download & unzip my contribution to this month's blog train?

Keryn Suthers is having trouble with using it on Windows. I tried downloading it to my husband's computer since his is not a Mac and it seemed to work fine. I haven't found a way of contacting her directly to find out more.

Link is from my blog

I know that box.com won't preview a zip so it doesn't bother me that says zip files are "not currently supported" but I would love to know where there's a problem.

@Jill: dl'ed fine and fast.... thanks for this beauty smiley

Thank you so much Bina! I wonder what is the matter for Keryn.

Thank you so much for all the awesome contributions and the hard work. smiley

@ Sunny: I LOVE your dinosaurs, the bird is so cute und the papers are stunning. I think I will re-scrap some older
photos of my children at Animal Kingdom with your kit.

@ Jill: Download works fine for me too.

Thank you Gonda!

A big THANK YOU to everyone for all of your contributions to this wonderful blog train. I love the colors and everyone's take on it. You designers are the best! Thanks to all

Another amazing blog train. I'm always so impressed with the designs and perspectives that everyone comes up with. Thank you to all the designers for your generosity in sharing your talents with us!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave their time and creativity to the wonderful parts of this blog train! Everything is so awesome, and I love everyone's different take on the theme! Thanks for your generosity!

It's all amazing!

I love all the dinosaurs. Now I want to take a trip to the museum just so I have fresh dino pictures to scrap.

@Trish: smiley Love your kit and the fossicking spin you've included this Oztober ... smiley

Thank you all, very cute Blog Train!

Wonderful blog train -- thank you all so much! I really wanted to take part in this one, but time ran away from me! A dino kit with this palette has now been added to my "To Do" list!

Really fantastic work from all of the designers. Thank you all for the hard work!

I would love to be able to participate in the blog train. Would someone please give me the details. When is it due and where to I find the color pallet. I love doing blog trains because it breaks up my work flow and gives me something fun to work on. Thanks


We'd love to have you join us Anne. Each month has a "working" thread where the palette and other details are posted. At the end of the month I post the sign up thread where you can leave links to your finished contribution.