Oct 2018 Blog Train - Working

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Oct 2018 Blog Train - Working

The October blog train is I Dig It!

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At first I was thinking of going with a gardening theme, but then I started playing around with dinosaurs and decided to go with a "digging for dinos" theme instead.

I've already started working on this one and am having so much fun with the colour palette... and dinos... who doesn't love dinos !


Brenda Pedden, that is a great theme!!

Dinos are great Brenda! I used to want to be a Paleontologist when I was little lol!

Altho I'm going to be an odd duck on this one....if Im able to get this done I plan on making this for Archaeology digs. I know many people volunteer to help out with local historical digs or maybe its just making a backyard discovery. I know I have PLENTY of experience with the latter department lol! I'll try and leave a lot of basics so it can be versatile.

Course sometimes when you get to designing a kit it can take on a life of its own so we will see smiley

Oooo... A "backyard archeologist" theme sounds fun Jessica.

Very unique, love it !

I can't wait to see what you come up with !

I hope someone goes creepy with it, grave digging, ect for those of us who want every single Halloween element ever made smiley smiley

smiley That sounds so great, Jessica, I am always looking forward to your beauties smiley

Thanks for the ACO, Kayl! smiley

looove the colors

I cannot think of anything to represent the "I Dig It" theme. I only hear the song "Grazing n the Grass" in my head.

I lke that some of you have posted your ideas...I hope more of you will too.

Feeling ya here smiley, Rose. I was looking for the discussion thread... couldn't find it.... I guess it (I dig it) is really open from pets to dinos, gardening to collecting stuff... smiley I haven't figured out my take on it either

Bina Greene wrote:
I was looking for the discussion thread... couldn't find it....

Same here, It may be that it hadn't been discussed and tat Marisa came up with it on her own...either way, I sure would like to know what's in her head about it. smiley

Here is where it was first suggested by Dawn. smiley

Aww thanks Bina! I'm in a bit of a design slump. Have had so many ideas [maybe too many??] but they wont come thru the fingertips. smiley So Im hoping my creative act will get itself together for both October! I love those warm colors tho. Autumn/Winter is when I really come "alive". So we shall see. smiley

Jessica, smiley TY! Dinos, alright. Anything big, scary and not too clean really? smiley
Winter, huh? Snow and the heat of the laptop sound good to me smiley

Haha I guess great minds... I was planning an archaeology twist to mine- but I'll focus mine on other fossils!

I went themeless as dinosaurs didnt speak to me but hopefully the pieces can be used anyway smiley

(I might rework the preview, I'm not sure it does the elements justice)

Oh, Kayl, I LOVE that flower and leaf! And the baby is pretty cute, too! smiley

Unfortunately the chinless baby doesn't come with the kit smiley But you can get the leaf and flower!

Kayl, ROFL! (roll on floor laughing, for anyone who doesn't know what that acronym is---I've had several people ask me what it means)! Awesome.

Wow, Kayl, so pretty smiley Love everything, awsome that you include the cardstock! smiley

Glad I read the comments. I never would have thought of dinosaurs from the theme. I was thinking of fall as a favorite season or fall gardening--because of the colors. Good to know the original idea was something for boys. I will think about this some more.

I hope someone goes with an archeology themed kit, I would love it!

smiley and a page
I didn't find the dino for a bit...

@Kayl - I love it! Its great to have some all purpose items for a train too! Looks great!
@Bina- Awesome! I am going this direction as well tho with less emphasis on fossil and more on artifact/fragment. smiley These colors are terrific for this theme! Very earthy/rusty much like the things we find in the ground smiley I'm hoping to squeeze a full kit from this one. Altho Im terribly busy for Sept-Oct *sigh*...hopefully I will get a few days to just run with it!

This is part of my portion. I will have a few gradient/grunge papers and journal/pocket cards

I absolutely fell in love with this colour palette (earthy tones are my weakness), so forgive me if I got a wee bit carried away with this one...

Oh, Brenda I absolutely adore your kit!! The "bone" elements are awesome and the dinos toooooo cute!

I am not good at drawing dinosaurs, so I will probably stick to a garden theme.......

And thank YOU Dawn for coming up with such an awesome colour palette and the original dinosaur idea (which I obviously ran with)!

You know, one of the things that I like about blog train themes, is that they challenge me to try things outside of my comfort zone. This morning I feel like a proud as punch 5-year old, because I drew my first dinosaur! And I had so much fun doing it! I was surprised and delighted at being a kid again, drawing my first dino - and, I'm going to draw another. At first, I had no ideas for this theme, and was going to stick to my safety zone of gardening. But now I see how fun this theme is going to be. (I know, this may sound like a silly post, but I was so thrilled that the ideas are finally flowing, that I had to share.....)


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