October 2019 Blog Train - Working

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October 2019 Blog Train - Working

The October 2019 blog train is Jack & Jill!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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For Photoshop users, the ACO file

Hello! Thank you Sunny for the Aco!!

It would be possible to change the title to a more general "Nursery Rhymes"?

Not all designers are from the USA or English-speakers, for instance, I'm from Spain and I didn't know this song until I looked for it on Google!

Thank you!

I agree on the idea of changing the title to "Nursery Rhymes" as well, if only to help convey that it's for all nursery rhymes and not just specific ones. smiley

I personally think the name is a cute way to convey the idea of Nursery Rhymes. [Along the lines of how Mother Goose is to nursery Rhymes]. And it was discussed in the ideas thread as what it's theme is for those who haven't heard of Jack & Jill.

Of course with blog trains you are always free to name whatever you wish. I often name my blog train parts a tad different to convey what works for my contribution. Not to mention you do not have to stick to a specific theme...as they are very open to interpretation. smiley

Like Jessica, I think the theme is intended to be nursery rhymes in general and not limited to just "Jack & Jill". At least I hope that is true since I have been working my mini which has nothing to do with Jack & Jill. Of course it has to be taken into account that I nearly always stray a little off the theme with my interpretation. Maybe I'm a little too much of a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. smiley

I interpreted "Jack and Jill" to just be a general childhood theme. I didn't even think of nursery rhymes. As always, you are free to interpret the theme however you want, or even ignore it if you prefer.

Nah, Dawn, it's all good. smiley

Thank you!

Wow! I love it Bina!!

I loved the theme "Jack & Jill" as Marisa thought it out. Thank you for the explanation.

Thank you Sunny for the ACO file! It's such a help!!

Thank you Sunny for the ACO-file smiley


Oh, Tammy, the tea pot and the cup are soooo cute. And you also have the matching little brads smiley

Illustrator Color Swatch

Love the whole adorable tea pot kit Tammy and the green and blue paper is great.

I didn't have time this month to assemble more of a kit, but I did want to do something. I was inspired by my mom's collection of Sizzix dies and decided to make a set of diecut embellishments.

Adorable Amanda!!

Amanda, I second Robin's comment! Adorable!

Thank you! smiley

Everyone's contributions look great so far!

@ Bina...cute papers and the pail is fantastic

@ Tammy...the teapot and cup are too adorable

@ Robin...beautiful papers and the racoon is too cute

@ Amanda...I'm not familiar with diecut, but I simply adore your elements so I'll have to look into this style

Dawn, you can find some information here: Srapbooking.com article on die cutting

My mom's Sizzix is in the line of manual die cutters. I guess you could think of it like cookie cutters for paper, but not quite the same as hole punches. Some of her Sizzix dies come in sets to cut out different parts (from different colored papers) of the same image, and then you assemble them afterward, which is the look I was going for.

Digital die cutters include the Silhouette and Cricut, if you're familiar with those.

Thank you all smiley

Here is my part

How cute! One could get over arachnophobia. smiley

Yes, Dawn, really cute.....but Robin, NEVER! Spiders are evil and they must die! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Very cute, Dawn!

Thank you ladies smiley

Decided to add some plaid and small pattern papers.

@Dawn: Magnus loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I'll be sure to show him your kit and he'll be thrilled smiley


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