Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Regulations (UPDATED 4/2018)

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I think the main reason I don't publish the sign up list until the end of the month is because I don't like having the working thread and the sign up thread open at the same time. People are often confused about what's going on, so it's minimizes confusion when only one of them is available. Also, some people expect the sign up thread to be active so they can download things, and so opening it at the end of the month also minimizes that.

Of course I do realize it's a bit of a pain not to be able to schedule things in advance, as someone who loves to schedule things far in advance.

That makes sense! smiley

(I thought I saw the answer to this somewhere, but I'm not finding it now).

Question: how large can a zip file be for a blog train?

@Lisel: I'm not sure we have a standard size. On the site we have zip files that go up to 300 mb or so and no one has complained about that being too big. A smaller size will help people with slower internet.

Ok, thank you!

I am new to about to start taking part in the Blog Trains.
Now I am used to only working with color palettes of no more than 6 colours. Do I need to use all the colours given or can I choose to work with less?

Thankyou to whoever answers my question.

Anne-Marie, you can use as much or as little of the palette as you like.

Thankyou Amanda for your quick reply.

I often like to focus in on fewer colors, especially for a mini kit.