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Well, I guess I am still a rebel in my older age as I was in my younger days. ROFLOL I've found the industry standard was set based on the amount of product sold, 300 ppi vs 200 ppi and if everyone makes them at 300, then the more will be sold at 300.

Gotta love this day in age, and I do... I'll make the kit at 300 ppi and will make full size papers. I like the size of the tiling, but then you do have those who don't have the programs to fill. hmmmm... thinking on that, i think I have one of those!

Ohh.. this is going to be fun and scary at the same time. smiley The colors are just lovely.

OH!! And Thank you for your reply!! smiley

Here is my portion:

wonderful colors!!!!!!!

I've gotten started on this and it is going to have to be 300 ppi - 8x8 papers, not 12x12. My computer just won't do the 12 x 12 at 300 ppi. I do have 4 mgs of RAM, which is most I've ever had and it can't do it. Or they can be used in 12 x 12 papers, but will be equal to 200 ppi. I will continue on and hope my embellishments will make it at 300 ppi, which I would think they would.

Michelle is so fast! I haven´t even started smiley

Lorien. I worked very hard yesterday to get it done. I will be out of town for a large part of July with work so I need to get the stuff done early. And now, I am under the wether, yck.

wooow michelle that's awsome

Sad part is that we will need to wait very long to grab Michelles kit, lol. I know I told you before, but hope you get better soon...

gorgeous Michelle! smiley

Thanks ya'll! Feeling better today!!

@Michelle, So glad to hear you are feeling better:) Your part is beautiful!! I haven't even started smiley

Love your part Michelle!
I still have to add the logo of PixelScrapper, but then it is ready too.

July will be super busy for me, so since Michelle posted early, I will too. I expanded on the beach theme a little to include the boardwalk based on this photo. Here is a preview of my papers. Not too inspired for the papers, I used a couple of Marisa's templates.
and elements

What a fun kit Hariett. This blog train is already fantastic!

hi....i have never done this blog train but would love to if that is ok!!! i would like to be added to the pinterest as well!

@Christina we welcome everyone! Please plan on participating it should be fun!

Cristina, did you left a comment at this pin? Marisa will add you when she can if you do so. She´s travelling right now, so it can have a bit of delay...

hi Marisa
I would like to join in could you add me too please
hugs Becky

lovely Michelle

Nice job Harriett can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. My first blog train with PS and I'm looking forward it.

beautiful work! Can't wait for the rest of the kit!

I am going to make something. When is the post on here deadline to participate?

I've finished my kit, it doesn't have a lot of things in it and only 2 papers, but here is the preview. Hopefully I get this linking to the image thing right. LOL If it doesn't work correctly, I'll be working on it for awhile. smiley

[img] Uploaded with[/img]

@Harriett and Cindy- OMG, your parts are just beautiful!! Cindy, I love your beach ball, bottlecaps and the cutest little seagull. Harriett, I love your Boardwalk on the Beach theme, what a really creative and neat idea, and the clipart is just stunning!!! This blogtrain is gonna rock!!!

I love that boardwalk thing and the vintageness of it!! Beautiful work.

Thanks, Ladies, for the kind words. I had a lot of fun doing this kit.

Cindy, I am IN LOVE by you ric rac frame smiley

@Tasanee: You just have to have your part posted on your blog by Aug 1 and add it to the sign up thread that I'll post at the end of July.

Lovely kits it looks awsome Hariet en cindy

I'll be travelling for half of the month in July, so I also finished my part. Here is the preview: