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What a great pallet choice. I'm excited to start designing with some of those wonderful blues!

oh all the cuteness already! you guys are awesome smiley

Lorien and Marielle, thank you!! smiley

Cintia, wonderful kit and work!! smiley

Harriet, Cindy & Cintia, great jobs! It's going to be a fantastic train!!!

I cannot wait to see the rest of the train!

Wow...fantastic work ladies! So many of you are on the ball. I'd better get thinking about the theme...have been far too busy to even think of starting!

Argh, you guys are so fast! I have started, but I am no way near the finish line yet. This looks like it's going to be a great quality blogtrain. I'll snag yours first @Harriet, Love that boardwalk idea!

Holy Moly! You guys are quick. Nice work too! I just barely finished the stuff I had to get done for the July blog trains I'm participating in. I have some ideas for this one and have been keeping an eye out for resources for it.

I'd like to play but am not really sure how.

Hi Susan,

Is this your fist time designing or just your first Pixelscrapper blogtrain? Any way, you are very welcome to join in! There is a thread on how Pixelscrapper blogtrains 'work' right here. If you need some help getting started with designing, you could turn to the tutorial section on Pixelscrapper, there are lots of designer secrets being revealed there! I hope you will join us, the more the merrier smiley

Here's what I've done so far.

What do you think?

@Susan - I absolutely love the texture on your papers

@Susan- Very Pretty! I love it:) are so quick :D...need to start soonish...but I love the colours...especially the green-blue combination. Might even just concentrate on that as I cannot think about something "orange"...let's see smiley.

wouaw i love the colors and them..;i will try to do something!!!!

Is there a "standard" for what should be included in the mini kit??

Love, love, love the colors! Can't wait. I really like blog trains because not only do I get inspiration from all the contributors but I get to meet new people.

Ladies the previews look fabulous - so many gorgeous papers and Harriett I cannot wait for your vintage beach people!! August seems ages away!!

I am sooo way behind making the actual mini kit, but I have made some templates, and some layer styles to help get my beach on:) I wanted to share the layer styles I made, because someone might could use them in their designs for this blogtrain. I hope its ok to put them on here:)
Here are some cu4cu sand styles:

You can grab them on my blog here:)

I love them!! I already worked on one alpha set.. I just might have to do another!

@Susan: There is no standard - you can share what you want smiley

Susan, love your papers and your wavy ricrac with the polkadots!! Love them!

Sheila, that layer style you made is just cool. And thank you for sharing it! smiley

Here's my part, it was so much fun working with these great colors

Thanks you for the sand styles, Sheila. Lots of uses for them on summer layouts.
Jessica, I really like the clean style of your kit, so cute.

Yay, I is my part:

Here are the water styles I made:)

You can grab them here:) Maybe someone can use them in their designs:)

@Marisa or anyone else who can answer this question

What are the blog train rules about how long we will keep our part up on our blogs and after that, what are the rules about selling our part or expanding it for sale?

Here is what I created for the blog train.

OMG you guys! the cuteness already!?!?!!! smiley and thanks so much Sheila!! smiley

Here's my preview! 10 papers and 8 elements smiley

Hi Tasanee,

There is a post on the rules here:, but I see you have posted your question there as well, so I assume you read it. The only 'rule' about keeping your part up is that it should be up on August 1st and not be withdrawn before the end of the month. Enlarging and/or selling your kit after the month has ended is no problem. Can't wait to see your part!