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Sunny, tomorrow is the release! Please, drive your costumers to this url:

There is a list of all blogs and parts there!

Thanks so much for your help Lorien and Fran! I did finally have a chance to sit down tonight and do the edits. Last night had to be spent on editing photos for my photography business and then today I had another session. So, unfortunately stuff like this had to be pushed to the back burner. I really do appreciate the editing notes that you sent. They helped me to focus on the specific areas that needed fixing. I really do need to purchase/find a good QC action to help nail stuff like this before submitting to a collab! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and would rather have things as ready to go as possible before submission in the future.

So, I'm not sure if I should wait for a (hopefully) final QC before things go live? sorry that this has taken so long to get finalized! Also, I'm not sure if it's too late to get things to Meg? smiley

Edit - I've got things all lined up for a direct download via my Facebook page. If there are any last minute changes that need to be made, I can definitely do that if needed. I'll just go ahead and send the file to Meg. If she can include the flowers...fantastic...but if not I completely understand!

ok guys! final preview for elements! please update your links if you've got 'em!

thanks Janet!

You did a fabulous job Meg! Thank you!!!!!

Gorgeous work Meg! Thanks so much for adding my flowers even though things weren't finalized!

Out of curiosity, do we have a total of how many elements, papers, alphabets, word art, quick pages there are?

Thank you so much Meg smiley

Thank you all so much.

Great previews! Great job everyone! My blog post is set to go live in 15 minutes. I wanted to make sure I had time to update the previews and double check the links. Thanks everyone, this was a great idea smiley

Hi, I have one question: I made some brushes add-on but I didn't know where to post them. I posted in the end of my blog train post in my blog. Sounds fine?
Just so you know what they look like, here they are:

If it is not ok to post here, you can erase this reply.

Hope it's ok to leave thanks here - I did thank people on their blogs (I have to go back to some - I was too early) - but I wanted to leave a collective THANK YOU and a big round of applause for all the hard work and organisation. It looked frantic but it looked like you were having fun and I hope you were. Best wishes to all.

Yes Cinthia! It´s ok to show it here and also to put the preview here - you´re not the one who made ad-ons too. Guess I´ll include a "watch out for add ons" on the official post when I come back home....

I too want to thank everyone that worked to put this collaboration together. I also want to thank Lorien for her QC assistance with my products. Her suggestions were so helpful and right on target. I learned quite a lot of helpful things to make my designs much better!

@ Cintia - Wow, I love those brushes you made. Must go pick those up too.


oooh YAY love brushes, thanks Cintia! smiley

Thank you so much girls!!!
@Lórien: Yes, that is a splendid idea. Than we will know if we got all the add ons or if we are missing any.

I want to apologize for getting my part of the collab up late. First I've been really sick with an inner ear problem that is causing me severe vertigo/dizziness so all I've been doing is staying in bed and sleeping (the meds the dr gave me really knock me out) and then my internet went out for 4 days and just came up during the night. Our cable company was bought out by a new company that has been doing upgrades to the system and they had a serious glitch that put everyone in town that uses them for cable tv or internet down. I'm off to get my part of the collab up now. Again, I'm so sorry I'm late getting this done.
I also want to apologize to Janet for not getting her flower fixes rechecked, they were a victim of my inner ear problem, the first 2-3 days of this I couldn't even look at the computer without it sending me spinning (almost every movement I make sends me spinning, it hasn't been fun at all, it's like the worst carnival ride you can imagine and you can't get off). Please Janet let me know if your fixes still need to be checked.

Wow Jody, sorry to hear of all your woes....nothing worse than vertigo/dizziness! I was just patiently waiting and figured it was something beyond your control!

Hope you feel better soon!

Oh goodness, I'm sorry to hear about your inner ear problems...just miserable! No worries about the flowers. Lorien stepped in and helped with the QC (still very thankful to her). I hope you feel back to your normal self asap! smiley

Jody, I hope you get well soon. And thanks for helping the better you could, your QCs were fundamental to the success, as the Michelle ones (Hey Michelle, did I ever said THANK YOU? I liked so much to work with you, and I hope to have more opportunities to do so).

hi can someone tell me where the christmas in july links are been looking for them? smiley

The Christmas in July project was a challenge, so not all the parts are available currently, but some are. You can find them in this thread.

Hey guys,
are we gonna do this collab thing again? I thought it was pretty fun smiley

@Meg: I think we need to work on a better system before we try another collab. It was a bit tricky to figure everything out, but hopefully we can get something in place so it's smoother.

gotcha - I certainly wouldn't volunteer to organize, 'cause I'm terrible at that smiley but participating is very fun smiley