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I guess I finished uploading the assignments topic. The next one who finishes her part send to me for QC, cause Marisa and Michelle have already parts to do. I also finally took an assignment for myself smiley

@Sunny - If you want, you can get another assignment already - what about tematic ellies?
@Meg - I love #3, if it still counts for something - I don´t have a really defined TOU yet, trying to find a balance on mine, but someone else will share with you a good one smiley

I lost track of who asked about a standard for aplha previews. There aren´t almost any. It´s good do state what the alpha contains (For example "uppercase, lowercase, and numbers (no punctuation) in single PNGs and alpha sheets)" but you can show them eiter writing the name of the kit (what I do), showing the upper/lower ABC 123 and some punctuation (Like Brooke does) or a messy preview with different characters (like in some bundles - if I´m not mistaken, Marisa does that sometimes...)

Something I kept forgetting: We need a preview maker - who want to do it?

looking super cute everyone! smiley thanks Lorien, I'll keep my eyes peeled for someone sharing a TOU smiley I've got pngs (and a single sheet) of 1 alpha to send to you if you'd like, or I can wait until I finish another 1 or 2 if you'd like smiley

UPDATE: 2 alphas ready for QC - I used the site email contact for you Lorien 'cause I can't find your email smiley mine's if anyone wants to QC my stuff, shoot me an email! smiley

thanks all! smiley

UPDATE again: 2 alphas sent to Lorien for QC smiley

Lorien - I'll start Thematic Elements, thanks..........

Well it looks like i'm out, my designs aren't good enought smiley And i have no energy to start over...

oh no! what happened? smiley

Well i don't know.. My papers wasn't big enought (3600x3600 pixels) and the texture didn't show in the black and the white areas of the papers (never does that for me) and my flowers was not evenly lighted when photographed so they became a bit shadowed in the edge... And the rezolution wasn't good enought... And i added innershaddow to some of my flowers and that was wrong...

oh damn smiley

Jessica! I know that your time is limited with a new baby in your life, but take a day or two to think about the constructive suggestions on your QC. Perhaps you can participate by submitting just one or two things, instead of a full set - We love it when you are able to participate!


well it's just that... i don't know how to fix it cause i make all my papers 3600x3600 smiley And i do textures "the normal way" overlay over the paper and that´s why it doesn't show so well on white and black...

Hey Jessica, don't get sad!!! Can I tell you something? I've put up a tutorial about eliminating jaggies and you know what was wrong with one of my itens?! Jaggies!!!! LOL! That does't really recommend me right? ( But the tutorial works, I promisse!) It is just that sometimes we miss a small detail, maybe when we are in the end of the designing process, and we really don't see it comming! And that is why I am so glad that those amazing girls took the extra effort to QC us. Just do what Sunny said and do one or two things... Do them for the fun in it and go! White and black are not good to use overlays really. Maybe you could use some color that is close to black and white but not really total black or total white. I am sure Marisa posted a black and white she uses somewhere here but I could not find them! I'm sure someone will know where they are...

@Jessica I had the same texture problem as you with my light paper when I first submitted for QC. This is what was told to me to fix it, and it worked great: copy the texture on top of the white layer and create a clipping mask, with soft light blend mode, and duplicate this clipping mask two or three times. If the texture fades again when you duplicate it for the last time, low down the opacity of the top layer.

I think my whitish paper has like 4-5 texture layers clipped to it.

You also said there was a problem with the size of yours papers even though you created them at 3600x3600? I have had that happen to me in the past. When I started with my new page, I created it with 300dpi at 3600x3600, but somehow after saving it to .jpg the dpi had lowered, which meant that it was actually smaller. I never changed the size of the paper, just somehow changed in the saving process. Is that what could have happened? (The program I use that I had that problem with is Photoshop CS5, not sure if makes a difference)

@Dawn- Great suggestions!
@Jessica- Please don't give up, we have definitely all been there, its all part of the learning process, and it can be so frustrating at first, but in time you'll get the small technicalities. When I make my papers, I always have a greyscale texture paper as an overlay, then I duplicate the greyscale paper, blending mode to normal, then I go to levels and play with it until the texture is white. Then I use the greyscale paper to overlay on any color, and I use the white paper to clip to any white parts, or just cut out the white part on your pattern and put the white paper underneath the pattern to let the white paper show through. You could also try almost black, but not quite black, the texture will show through better. Whatever you do, don't give up. We really want you to participate with us:)

Well sorry guyes but i'm out. This kind of took the fun out of it and that's not how it's supose to be. I only design what i like and if someone doesn't like it then so be it smiley My designs has the right size and everything it's just a question about taste.

@Jessica I am sorry to hear it smiley

I am really late to this party, but I would love to play. Is the "5 patterned papers" assignment still up for grabs? If so, I would love to make some papers.

If not that, then can I take over the "3 papers and 3 elements" assignment that Tina Anderson said she is now not able to do? Either one is fine or I can go in whatever direction is still needed.

Thanks for organizing this, Lórien!

@Jessica: I'm sorry your designs didn't work out. Would you like a second opinion, you can send them to me. It can be hard to look things over and focus on the the right things, when there's so much to keep in mind.

I think I'm going to have to drop out as well, sorry guys.

Michelle's tone papers check out.

Thank you Marisa i send you an email smiley

I need to send my papers in for QC, where should I send the file?

edit: Lorien, I sent my papers to you. I get lost in these posts sometimes and wanted to make sure someone got them.

There's still a month till the deadline, so plenty of time to sign up and make something!

I'm going to have to drop out. But it looks like you have another couple sets of alphas so I hope that'll be OK.

I'm having a horribly hard time keeping up with the things I NEED to do, let alone the things I WANT to do. Blah! smiley

Lorien since my life is quieting down a bit I see on the list you still need a pack of 7 flowers and 5 patterned papers. I will do those two things if they are still open and with the July 19th deadline for QC. Please let me know. It will be PU only. I will host on my blog.

I have done 2 Uppercase Alpha if anyones interested, they can be send for QC in that case smiley

Here are my tone/tone papers that passed QC.

If you need more things done, I would be happy to do 5 patterned papers or 4 thematic elements. Just let me know. smiley

I've got Jessica's part checked out, so she's done!

I really love your alphas. The ones i like most is numer 3,6,8,10,12 and 14 smiley
Here is my part:

Very cool, Jessica! I especially love those cupcake I'm hungry. Dang.

Thank you Sunny smiley