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Oh Jessica, I am so glad that Marisa was able to help you out! I would hate that all those adorable papers would not be included. The flowers are great too! I can certainly relate with the issues as in my Design Mentoring class the hardest part was getting texture to show up on the whitish paper! Either way, you did a great job on these!!!

well, it looks like we lost at least my last post from the corruption yesterday smiley oh well! smiley

Lorien, I haven't head back on the QC for my 2 alphas, did the link work? do you need anything from me? I hope everything is OK...

My email is

You can send items ready for QC to me. I do most of the qc work in the evenings. Thanks!!

thank you Michelle! email sent! smiley

Lorien, let me know if you did not get my fixes for QC.........

I would like to sign up for one of the 4 thematic elements assignments and can do 5 patterned papers after that if that spot is still open. I can also help out with QC if it's needed, I do QC for a store, my email is I'm looking forward to participating in this collab smiley

I have QC'd two more kits:

@Tina Campanale passed and ready.

@Meg Bertapelle waiting on a couple of fixes.

thanks again Michelle! smiley

You are welcome Meg!!

How are things going with QC, Lorien?

Hi Lorien, I would love to be in on this colab. NOTHING would be more fun for me than creating digi-stuff for my favorite food group smiley... Could I do 5 patterned papers? If those are taken, I'll work on a "4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc)." As soon as you assign me to one, I'll get to work. smiley

Hey @Michelle, sent you an email with examples of alpha w/texture - can you take a look when you have a chance? want to make it's OK before I redo everything... smiley thanks! M smiley

Looks great Meg, check your email! I just finished checking it.

If anyone needs qc. you can email me at mkgilbo at yahoo dot com. I do the qc in the evenings. I am central time in the US. smiley It's 11:14 pm here.

Is there anything you need more of or, could I do some word art for this collab? Or maybe some templates or both?

Lorien must be super busy, because I haven't see a post from her in a while - from what I can tell, not many people have done the elements...? does that seem to be true to everyone else?

I would like to do the 8 word arts. I can host them on my blog. about being organized! I love the theme and colors. I'd love to sign up for the 7 different flowers. Are we allowed to create the flowers from scratch (love doing fabric flowers), extract, and then turn them into .png files? If so, I'm definitely in!

@Franny &

going to work on your QC tomorrow.

I have a few word arts done up if anyone would like to look at them for QC for me? Thanks!!

**I may have went a little crazy.. I made some papers, elements, and the word art so if anything else is needed I could use it to fill in**

@ Meg your alphas passed QC.

working on Frans.

April, you can send them to me at I should be able to get to them today or tomorrow. smiley

@Fran, I did get them all thanks!!

YAY!!! thanks Michelle!

If anyone wants to get them for creating word art, let me know smiley

@Meg That turned out beautiful...I love it!

@Michelle Thank you so much! I just emailed the word art to you. Let me know if you want to see the others.

thanks Janet! smiley

hey @Lorien, if you still need someone to put together a big preview for the whole collab, I can do that smiley

I was going to offer to do some elements, but I'm really not sure I'll have time, so don't want to commit & then have to back out. I might play around a bit and IF I can finish some in time, I will share smiley

this is fun! smiley

@ Franny -QC done waiting on fixes.

@ April I am going to start working on the word art. smiley

@ April just sent the QC report. waiting on a couple of fixes.