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Playing a little catch up. I've signed up the following people for these parts. If you don't want to do it anymore just let me know.

Jody Mason - 4 thematic elements
Linda Nelson - 5 patterned papers
Tina Mansfield - Word Art
Janet Scott - Flowers

@Meg: I think that would be really helpful for you to make the previews. I'm not sure where Lorien's at, so we should check with her, and then we need to get everyone to send you their stuff.

I finished my 5 patterned papers. Who can do the qc? I am really nervous about it, never thought about qc before.

Marisa, I asked twelve days ago if I could please have one of the open assignments. (Message #108) Would love to hear one way or the other and if I can do something, which way to go. Thanks a bunch.

ETA: It looks like the three papers and three elements that Tina Anderson said she could no longer do, might still be up for grabs. Please let me know if I can join in.

Could I please get the glitters? I may need a few of the elements also. Not sure yet.. Thanks so much

Here is my preview. It has already passed QC, I just forgot to post it. smiley

YAY! My word arts passed QC, just waiting for my papers to upload so I can send them off too. I'm having a ton of fun with this smiley

I haven't heard back from Lorien on the QC for my second assignment.......should I send my second and third assignment to someone else for QC?

I haven't either and it's been a while I sent my fixed itens... I was wondering the same as Sunny....

Ladies, I´m VERY sorry about letting you waiting; first I put my blogtrain kits on the top of it on the priority list and got a really, really, really rough time with them, because I couldn´t get rid of their jaggies (yeah, I also have issues!!!), and I was suposed to do it this week. But this week I ended up having to help my mom, and a friend, with different issues, so I missed in action. This morning, however, I quality checked all the portions that I had and now I caught up with this topic. If I had opened the topic before, I´d never know where I stopped! Marisa and Michelle, I am very thankful to you for helping keep things under control while I was overhelmled.

Some comments:

@Sheilla: Did Marisa QC your part? If you haven´t being QCed yet, please send it again smiley

@Michelle and everyone else: Feel free to do any other thing that you want! Just let me know what you´re doing, in a way I can update the second post.

@Tina Mansfield: It would be super fun to have either wordarts or templates. You can make whichever you want! If you need others parts, you can send e-mails to them smiley

@Janet: You can create your flowers in any way you want smiley

@Meg: Please make the preview: How you prefere people sending their parts for you?

@Anett: Did someone QC your papers? If not, tell me!

At everyone: You should have all your assingments on the second post; there is no need to worry about not being able to do, as we have a pretty big kit by now, just let me know; also, you can do whichever other assingmente you want; but if someone can do another solids pack besides mine, another fasteners pack and another alpha, they would be very welcome (I guess these are the things we have less ready); also, if someone wants to do templates, or ask some designers parts to do QP, be free. I am not sure if other designers want someone else having QP and wordarts made with their part, you need to talk directly to them

I did ad Jody Mason to QC team! Thanks for helping Jodi!

If I forgot anything (assignments, quality checks, etc), please tell me!

Here are my word arts, I have a paper pack done as well if you'd like that added after the QC.

@Lórien - I can do a solid's pack, if you want

My portion is done. I am going to go ahead and email it to Michelle, is that ok? If that's not the right place, let me know. If anyone wants to use these pieces for journal cards or papers or whatever, let me know and I'll send you the link.

looks like someone had the word art done. I would be happy to still do the templates.. So I will do those.
Thanks so much!

@Tina: Word arts, at least for me, are like candies: You can never have enough. It´s up to you what you´d like to do.

@Dawn: Please do some solids. People love them!

@Heather: It´s good to know Michelle will QC yours. Now I want belgium chocolate, snif. I´m addicted to chocolate, but Brazilian ones definitelly aren´t the better. Cinthia can vow for my words, I guess :p

@April: I can see myself using your WAs in my layouts. If you wanna send me your papers, I´ll try to quality check them tomorrow.

Just another update: Cinthia fixed her last ellie, so I´m putting her as done.

@April Papers passed!!

@ Heather off to check yours

@ Heather you passed

Who should I send the solid papers to for QC?

And here is a pic of my papers that have been approved!

Yay!!! Here is my contribution:

@ Lórien: about the chocolates: I hear you sister!!!!! LOL! Now I crave for some good chocolate!!!!!

@ Dawn I can check them.

@lorien: No, nobody did the qc right now.

@Anett, so send them to me: loriensworkshop

@Lorien, Marisa QC'd my part and it passed:)

awesome! we're rolling now smiley smiley

Those of you who are done, please send your finished products to me (or a selection of them that you would like to be in the preview of the collab!) either by sending me a link in email, or attaching a zip to an email (but it would have to be small) smiley I will create the full collab preview using Marisa's PixelScrapper logo preview template. megbertapelle {at}

@Lorien, when do you need the final preview ready? We can work backward to when everyone will need to have sent me their stuff to be included in the preview smiley

Thanks all!

@ Dawn Solid papers passed QC
@Fran working on the alphas submitted
@ Meg will upload and send you the link.

@Meg: No hurry for the preview. I guess June 28th for it being done is ok. So all people can put the preview on their blog posts.

OK, sounds good Lorien!

If everyone could send their stuff by the 25th then, that will give me enough time to put it together & have it back to you all by the 28th smiley


@ Fran's alphas & trinkets passed QC!!

I'm doing 7 flowers and was wondering if it would be okay to do some leaves in green even though it's not in the palette (other than the one that looks to be a lime green). I know that when I scrap with flowers I like having leaves that go along with. Just thought I'd check before making them.