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Yes, you can leave them in green Janet smiley

Perfect, thanks so much...will go ahead and sew them today. smiley

all of these look really cool! Seems a bit too technical for my newbie brain, but for sure I'll try to do a colab in future. great work everyone!

@Fran I just LOVE all the little trinkets to add to the alpha! What a great concept!!!!

First Assignment Complete:


Second Assignment Complete:


Third Assignment Complete:

@Meg, I sent my part to your email:) Thanks for doing the preview!
@Fran, I LOVE your alpha, and how cool are those trinkets!!! Beautiful!!!
@Sunny, soooo cute, and I can't resist that peppermint scatter!!
@Janet, can't wait to see those flowers, I also LOVE flowers and leaves!

This is all coming together quite nicely, can't wait to see all the finished parts!!!

@Meg - I sent you an email with the links to my parts, thank you so much for doing the preview!

I was just wondering if there's any more parts that need to be finished that I could do.

@Rachelle Send a message to Lorien (find one of her posts and click on the envelope below her avatar) I know she was allowing some extras. If you email she should get back to you pretty quick. You might want to mention your preference (look in her first & second post for the parts).

@Rachelle - I know that in this post she was looking for someone to make another fastener pack and another alpha. Also someone to make templates and possibly quickpages.

I ended up doing a few more flowers than needed and couldn't choose which ones to use. I just love doing fabric flowers!

I'm sure someone has already asked this, but where should I send these for quality check? Oh, and whoever does the quality check, I know my green leaves are out of gamut. I fiddled and fiddled, but for the life of me couldn't get the green to look anywhere nice while still staying in gamut. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

@Meg, let me know which (if any) you'd like to use for the big preview. I'm not sure which colors you'll need to balance what you already have. smiley

Oh, and @Sheila, I'm so with you. I love flowers as well. I'm not sure I've ever put together a layout without using at least one. smiley

@Janet S Do you have PS or PSE? If you have PS you can change the colors to CYMK and then change back to RGB. I have an action but it is no longer available and I cannot pass it on due to copyright. If the QCer has PS they probably can do it for you.

Thanks Janet, I have PS. I'll give that a shot and see how they turn out! Thanks so much (feeling a bit blond, probably should have read that somewhere before but haven't). By chance do you know where the link is for the Pixel Scrapper logo? I had it for my first blog train that I participated in, but now can't find it on my computer. I need to add that to my preview as well. smiley

Edit: That did the trick Janet. I still needed to do a bit of fiddling with them after, but it was a great jumping off point. Thanks again for your help. smiley

I also found the Pixel Scrapper logo.

@Janet-WOW, those flowers are AMAZING!! Beautiful!!!

@JanetS So glad it worked for you! It definitely was not my thought learned it from my design mentoring class at SNP. So glad to have been of help!

Hi all!
Just to update, I have received things to add to the mega-preview from the following people:

  • April Williams
  • Tina Campanale
  • Michelle Guilbeau
  • Cintia Mendes
  • Marisa Lerin
  • Fran (MoiMoi)
  • Sunny Rush
  • Sheila Reid
  • Dawn West
  • Linda Nelson

@Janet - I haven't started pulling it all together, but hope to at least start tomorrow night. Not everyone has sent their stuff yet, but if you want to just send all your flowers (which are gorgeous), I'm sure I'll fit at least a couple in! smiley

So many cute things so far!! smiley

If you haven't sent your parts to me, and they have passed QC, AND you want them in the mega-preview of the collab kit, please send them over by the 25th! Thanks! smiley

megbertapelle [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

@Sheila, thanks so much! I had fun making them (always make hair accessories for my girls once I've scanned my girls seem to have an endless supply of hair things). smiley

@Janet, so kind of you. That's what I love about this site. People are so encouraging and willing to help when you ask questions.

@Meg, I'll send them your way as soon as my part passes QC.

I just sent my parts to you, Meg. Sorry I had missed that part of the instructions!

sounds good Janet! smiley
and Heather, got your email, just have to be at home to do mediafire smiley [and no worries, I can barely keep up with this thread, just glad you saw it!] smiley

I have my part of the collaboration ready for QC. Is anyone able to do it for me?

Thanks so much ahead of time, all you awesome little quality checkers! You work so hard to make sure we all look good and that is a very cool thing.

Ooh Holly, what pretty papers!

I'm waiting for a QC person as well. As soon as I get an email address, I can send the zip. smiley

I hope to have my parts done today. My mom was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer last week so my life has been turned upside down. Lost my dad almost 2 years ago to something similar.. So we are working to make her stay positive and fight! I will do my best.

@Tina: I hope your family will be well.

Ladies, my part on the colab is ready too - who will QC?

I have a full kit to QC for someone else, then I´ll QC the pieces I already have on mail, and guess (not sure, however) I´ll pick some of yours to do the same - lets just see if I can really organise myself smiley

EDIT: I added some things on the assignments post. What am I missing?

Oh, thanks for the sweet words, Janet. I'm thrilled to hear you like the papers I made. *happy dance*

I was making seriously hard-core "gimme hands" when I saw the gorgeous flowers you crafted for your part of the collab the other day, too! Love flowers. Love hand-made.

Can't wait for this collab to get started, so I can grab ALL the fantastic goodies made by my Pixel Scrapper friends. Hurry up, July! Tee Hee!

Nothing like getting things done at the last minute. My hubby hasn't been feeling well so I've been driving taxi (we own the only taxi service in our small town) and it sure has been taking away from my design time but as the taxi is our primary income it's had to come first. I'm so sorry to be this late but I do have both my parts ready and previewed.

I am listed on the QC team and I have QC'd my stuff but if someone else has time to do a last minute QC, I'd appreciate it!

@Meg - I'll be sending you both my parts as soon as they pass QC smiley

Looking thru the posts today and seeing everyone's parts, this is going to be a great collab!! I'm enjoying being a part of it!!!

I'll make time to do any other last minute QC's that need to be done, my email is smiley

@Holly's mini kit passed QC smiley

Anyone else that still needs QC done, I have time tonight and tomorrow. Just email me your part or a download link to smiley

I am definitely under the gun. So many commitments, finally had time to get this done. I have Embossed Papers, 5 Patterned Papers and 7 Flowers (with a couple of leaves thrown in).

Jody, I am going to send to you for QC as soon as I finish this post....Thanks in advance!