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I just got it Janet, going to work on it now. It looks fabulous!! I love the flower clusters!

Thanks again, Jody! I so appreciate the last-minute QC and all the very helpful tips you shared with me. You're a peach!

And I love your and Janet Hull's kits . . . both so cute!

I am just chomping at the bit for July to get here so I can scoop up all the sweet, sweet scrapping goodies.

@Janet's passed QC.

I'm getting anxious for July 1 too, this is going to be a great collab!!

Thank you Jody, you were soooo fast!

I have liked everything that I am seeing!!!

@Holly, awww thanks so much. I agree, there are so many gorgeous kits that people have posted. I seriously can't wait for the train to go live!

@Janet and Jody, loving your contributions as well. I so wish I could make the gorgeous papers that all of you ladies make!

@Jody, off to send you my flowers for QC. smiley

Thanks for all your hard work, Meg! If you need anything else from me, please let me know smiley

OMG Fran, those are ADORABLE!!

I am late but if you still want them I will send to QC.. Refresh my memory where do I send them?

OMG Fran, those are ADORABLE!!

I couldn't agree more. Utterly adorable, Fran . . . using the scoops of ice cream for the O's is such a cute idea.

Is it July yet?

Man, this is going to be one of the best collabs that I've seen. Everything is so adorable!

Hi Fran, I can probably just use the images you posted - haven't actually started pulling it all together yet, but it's gonna be BIG! smiley I'll let you know if I need something else smiley

I'm excited!

Awww...thanks so much Fran. There are so many talented people on this site...just floored by this collab!

On another note, my part still hasn't been Quality Checked. Is there anyone out there who's able to check it out? I'll be able to send it out tonight but will be gone all of tomorrow (my niece is getting married). Otherwise, I can send it sometime on Sunday.

@Janet - I sent you an email this afternoon with your QC report

@Tina - I can QC for you, I'm driving taxi tonight but if I have time between runs I'll get it done tonight, if not I can get it done tomorrow. My email is

@Jody...thank you so much for the tips! I'll go ahead and do the fixes as soon as possible and get them back again for QC. smiley

I will be available on Sunday for some QC work. You can email me at

@Michelle: I sent mine for you then. Tomorrow I have a family appointment, but I hope to catch up with the portions that are on my e-mail.

Remember we still have 8 days till lauching, so, no hush smiley Monday morning I´ll open a topic where we post our blog links...

@ Lorien you passed!!
@Jody M you passedtoo.

@lorien: I sent you my part for qc two weeks ago, did you receive my mail? In your "assignment-post" there is no "waiting for qc" beneath my name so I'm not sure everything is ok.

@Anett: I´m going to QC yours now.

Ladies, I guess I managed to QC all the portions that were on my e-mail. Am I right? If I forgot someone, please, post on this topic so I can check it out!

Mine passed QC a couple weeks ago and I put the preview in this thread and mailed links for the preview... But its not in the assignments post as DONE. Am I not actually done?

@Lorien I emailed my part to you to quality check and haven't heard back from you about it.

last minute QC let me know

I am at home with a stomach bug or something. But I will try my best.

When do we get the codes for our blogs?

Michelle: Hope you get well soon.

Here is the preview of my solids who passed QC:

Now off to locate Rachelles QC´s and verify anette´s portion - preferentially before my guest arrives smiley

Oh my goodness - the previews look fantastic. Can I just say that I had NO IDEA how much work went into producing one of these collab kits. I've bought them, collected them for free and been very appreciative of the goodies they contain but reading this thread has been a revelation to me - the time and organisation involved!! I raise my glass to you all.

@Rachelle: You got mail!

Anett passed QC, her papers are fantastic!

Rachelle is done too!

Here is my part.

Omg Rachelle, you are the designer behind Little Big Designs? I am your fan! lol

@Lorien Yep, that's me. And thanks for being a fan smiley