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It´s fun when you QC for someone and think "Wow, it´s VERY high quality work, I need to find out more about this person", just to know you already knows her.


@Fran: I can QC your templates. QC for them is basically looking for stray pixels... If you can make a preview, it would be very appreciated.

I just had a chance to send my items to QC. If its too late just let me know.

@Tina: No, not too late smiley I am answering your mail now.

@Fran: Gong to QC the templates as soon as I give some attention to guest and hubby, I hope I can do it this night.

I started making up the blog lists. But I realised I don´t know where the following people will going to host their parts:

-Holly Wood
-Lyllah Raven (April)

If you have a blog where you´re hosting, please put a link on this forum, if you don´t have a blog, some of us who have fewer portions can host for you (I can host for one, Heather N. offered to host for another one, and I bet we can find more hosts...). Just let us know. As soon as can, the post with previews and links will be live so you can check if I forgot someone or made any mistake.

my (very brand new) blog smiley

oh, and if anyone is inspired to draw me a peanut to use for a logo of sorts, that'd be awesome... hahaha smiley

@Tina, see Lorien answered but I will qc too just in case!!

I don't mind hosting someone else on my blog. smiley

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on who I've received contributions from for the big preview! Time to get that together... smiley

@ tina you passed!

I still need a second QC (had to take care of missing pixels). I sent them to Jody, but I have a feeling that she's been a bit busy with work. I can wait on her if you'd like. Though if you'd like me to send them elsewhere, just let me know.

Just sent my part to Meg to add to the preview.. I will be hosting on my server

here is the preview

Here it is the topic of our colab. It is on Digital Scrapbook discussion subforum by now, because it still need some edits and I can´t edit, lock and unlock topics from this sub-section. I need you all to check your previews, urls, and see if If you find mistakes made by me, then call me attention about them on this topic. Note that I have posted all the previews and blog links that I could find.

After everything is set and ready to go, I will ask Marisa to transfer it to blog trains forum, but we need to be with all information inserted first. To refer to the colab lists on your blogs, please use this link: so, when it´s moved from the proper forum, I can update the

I had to set up a blog where I can host my part. Here is the link

Anett: I am including your link on the thread now. Please check if your preview is right, and let me know if you prefer that the link says your name or the name of your blog (aka, your brand new brand smiley)

@lorien: Can you please take this preview

and I would prefer to see the blog-name in the list. Thank you!

updated smiley

Hi Lorien,
it looks like Holly Wood's preview is under papers, but it's really a mini kit, so you may want to move it smiley Thanks for setting that up! smiley

Hi all!
Below are all the people I've received contributions from to be included in the full-collab preview. If you don't see your name/business, please email me as soon as you can to be included! smiley megbertapelle {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  • April Williams
  • Tina Campanale
  • Michelle Guilbeau
  • Cintia Mendes
  • Marisa Lerin
  • Fran (MoiMoi)
  • Sunny Rush
  • Sheila Reid
  • Dawn West
  • Linda Nelson
  • Tina Mansfield
  • Anett Sporer
  • Rachelle Lawson
  • Lorien Rezende
  • Saskia Stolk
  • Jody M Designs
  • Janet's Digital Joys
  • Heather Neal - Callaluna

Thanks, I'm super excited!

@Dawn - I completely agree - I had no idea either! smiley This is my first design experience, and it's definitely been fun smiley

Thank you meg for calling my attention about it. I changed her mini kit for the right part and also added Lyllah Raven´s blog, which I found out this noon.

OMG! did you guys know we have



LOL, so cool Meg. You made me laugh smiley

I think I am maxing out my computer's performance right now... smiley

damn, that's a lot of papers!

what a super cool preview!

I hope no one else is doing last-minute papers, 'cause I had to merge all those layers! hahaha

I THINK I'm just waiting for Janet Scott's fabric flowers to pass QC & have her email me? ... someone let me know if I should wait for anyone else!

OMG Meg you did a fabulous job of putting that together!!!! Such patience for all those papers! Amazing!

Lórien, I will be hosting my part at my brand spanking new blog.

Made by Holly Wood

Meg, you did a job on the big preview of papers!

OMG, I am so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see all these brand new blogs popping to get together at this colab! smiley you all!

And Holly, what a super fun blog template smiley

@Lorien, could you please change my blog link to Thanks so much, and thanks for putting this whole thing together, it turned out sooooooo awesome!!!

@Meg, I LOVE the paperspreview!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

Done! Sorry for the mistake smiley

@Lorien, I just sent the file your way and responded to your email. Thanks so much for helping out!

@Meg...absolutely fantastic preview for the papers. As soon as I pass QC, I'll send the file your way. smiley