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A few people have had problems with one of my zip files from my Pond Kit. I've tried uploading the file to another site (Sugar Sync). I'm not sure what to tell them to try, or what I can do on my end. Can anyone offer any suggestions? My paper zip file is fine but the elements seems to be a problem. Has anyone successfully downloaded both of my files? It would help to know that someone has received and opened both.

I have been in contact with Lou Anne. I cannot get my unzip program to open her element folder (keeps telling me there is a problem with the jpeg preview). Has anyone else had trouble? I have tried both of the sites for downloading and have used Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Maybe it is my program, ZIPEG, but it has opened everything else I have asked it to open.

Anyone else having trouble?
Lou Anne--thanks for checking back with me.

@Lou Anne:
(I already sent you this, but I'll post what I was experiencing here, to see if this is what others are having troubles with.)

When I downloaded the elements zip file, it seemed to download fine ~ 46,627 KB in size...but when I tried to unzip, I was asked to enter a password. I'm using Windows XP version 2002. I've downloaded the files that Lou Anne put on the Sugar Sync, and had the same trouble with being asked for a password.

Actually when I was testing my April Birds and Bees, I zipped and uploaded my files, then downloaded them onto another system, and tried to unzip them, and once was asked for a password. Why I don't know...I zipped the files again, and did more testing, and was fine.

@Sarah I tried taking out the jpgs and here's a new Sugar Sync link

misplacedmermaid elements

I'm keeping my fingers crossed

I finished and collected them all what an awesome bunch of Designers that Contributed to this kit!! Thanks so very very much!

A big, big thank you to all of the designers for sharing your great work. I'm looking forward to use your stuff for many beautiful LO's in this summer.

I know I'm completely late (had a family emergency crop up at the end of the month...sister was diagnosed with cancer and she had surgery the next day) so I wasn't able to get things all lined up. I'm set to go now. Is there any way that I could add my goodies to the list? I'm so sorry for being late!

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Shame on me!!!

I had a very hard time to upload my part of this BT to 4shared. At least yesterday I finally fixed the problem. But now the the thread with the BT-list ist locked up.

So I give you the preview and link in this post. Maybe there is a possibility for the admins to move the post to the right thread. I'm so sorry for causing this problems.

Because I have no blog, this link leads you directly to 4shared.

Lou-anne I downloaded both parts fine (firefox browser) and unzipped them (winzip) on June 1st (I love them - I left a comment).

Anett - thank you so much, your part looks lovely. I especially like the flowers and the cute button frame.

Janet - so sorry to hear about your sister. I do hope she will be alright. It is so kind of you to still join in with your beautiful kit!

Hi Janet and Anett,

Thanks for joining us, even if it is late. I have copied both your entries to the blogtrain list. @Janet: I am very sorry to hear about your sister. I hope all will be well soon.

Janet, thank you so much. So very sorry to hear about your sister. I am a breast cancer survivor and understand what she is going through. My guess is that it is pretty serious if they did surgery the next day. Also survived 6 months of chemo. Please give her my best wishes in her "recovery."

To all other contributors thank you for your efforts,. Have seen the submissions but was busy meeting my new great nephew who was born on May 27th last weekend and have not yet downloaded.

Thank you so much ladies! It was a complete shock. She went in for her routine physical and had her colonoscopy (she just turned 50 this past it was the first required colonoscopy) and ended up walking out of the doctor's office with a diagnosis of a malignant tumor. She went in for surgery the next morning. We just got word yesterday her tumor was stage 2 and the most slow growing/mellow variety and that it hadn't matastisized yet...thank goodness. All of that said, it's very good that they found it when they did. She was very close to rupturing her intestine (the tumor was the size of a golf ball). From all that the doctor said, it sounds like she won't need chemo nor radiation...just routine colonoscopies to check for polyps. We're so thankful that all of this was caught in time!

@Melouise, thanks so much for adding my goodies to the list! I had all of them set to go but hadn't put together the preview nor zipped the files. It would have been a shame not to participate. I really do love the blog trains here. smiley

@Janet, I hope you're doing well now. I just can't imagine the rollercoaster that you went through! The past week was a blur and so overwhelming.

Wow ladies !!!!! Wonderful Blog Train.
Thank you all so much.
Your talent and generosity are amazing smiley

Great submissions Janet and Anett. Better late than never!

Amazing kits ladies! I am completely in love with the whole mega-kit! Thank you!

@Lou Anne, I ended up taking my file to my sons Mac Pro...and of course it was unable to zip the file for me. So I'm guessing it was our old systems that didn't want to work with the file. Not sure why, but I've got the elements now. Thanks!

Janet, I'm so glad you added your part. It's awesome! I hope your sister is doing well. Thank you for sharing your kit.

I just read about your sister. Thank goodness she went in when she did. I made all my family and friends do the age 50 colonoscopy thing so when I turned 50, of course I had to do it too. Not the most fun I've ever had but certainly a wise thing to do. Your sister's story is evidence of that.

@laura, That's great!

I want to thank all the designers for contributing to this blog train. I love the colors and the theme is wonderful.
All the parts are great

@Lou Anne, thank you so much! I love participating in the blog trains. I learn new things with every kit that I put together...not to mention how awesome it is that we get to build up our stashes with so many other goodies created by great designers.

Oh, and yes, as horrible as colonoscopies can guarantee that I'll be having them whenever the doc recommends! My sister scared the heck out of all of us!

oh Janet! I'm just catching up and saw your news - I'm sooo sorry to hear about your sister! sending prayers/healing thoughts to her & the rest of your family!!

Melouise: I love your felt stuff! It's so cute, I think I'm going to use yours as my summer blog theme. smiley

Thanks Brittany smiley I would love to see your blog all done up with the felties, so I'll keep an eye on it (no pressure smiley)

Edit; Just went over to take a look, my favorite froggy is already starring on your site *proud*! It will probably befriend the cute frog crochet hat I saw there (I absolutely adore that!). You make the most beautiful crochet things, you make me jealous... smiley

Hey all, the blog train things looked great. I'm just wondering if there's an overview somewhere on blog trains, what they are, how they work, what is meant to happen, what the end result(s) is/are etc. people have implied they can down load each others? how does this work?? it looks like fun and I'm considering joining the next one

@Jess - I will try my best to give an overview on a blog train, or at least how it works here at Pixel Scrapper.

There is a post, like this one: Vote for August Blog Train

Once the color and theme have been decided, there will be a post like the one that was for the June Blog Train (June Blog Train Details)

Pixel Scrapper is pretty great about the submission requirements. You can submit what you like, from a paper pack or alpha to a mini-kit or full kit, or anything in between, as long as it follows the theme/color palette. Your submission will need to be available to download for free.

Then a few days before the Blog Train goes live a post will be made that contains everyone's submission preview and a link to their blog (if you don't have a blog I know that some have just put the direct download link). Then people can go through the post and view the submissions and visit the blog to download each part. (The June Blog Train List is here: June Blog Train List)

There are some places that are much more strict. You are required to sign up, which here at PS you do not have to, that way if you are unable to complete your portion for any reason, then there are no problems. Also, many places have much higher requirements on what is allowed for submission, such as some that require a full kit, or only certain items. Many will require the blog post to include a link to the blog that was before yours and then the blog that was after yours. Most places also do not allow newbie designers to join in on a blog train, which is another reason why Pixel Scrapper is so great, designers of all levels/experience are allowed to take part in the collaborations, blog trains and challenges smiley

I am not sure if I have covered everything, and if I have not, my apologies, but please do not hesitate to ask any further questions.

Thanks so much for your kind words Meg. She's doing pretty well. Recovery will be quite a long haul...but her spirits are high considering what a shock it was.

@Dawn...great explanation!

Wow, Dawn, great explanation! We might just copy-paste this for the introduction text of the new blogtrain smiley

Yeah Dawn, that was pretty thorough:) That's awesome!

Thanks Meg, I got in just in time for June, and I'm almost done with my July Colab part. Appreciate the link!

There are such wonderful stuff on this Blog train. You all have been busy little bees. thank you so much.