PS Nov 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

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It's gorgeous!

[@Sheila]: This is beautiful, everyone has done an amazing job with their portions, I can't wait for this blog train to start smiley

@Sheila: your portion is adorable.. smiley

Wow Sheila, yours is wonderful!

Oh Donna! This brings back memories...I loved the 50s with poodle skirts and oxfords. Kinda dates me, huh? smiley

How funny, Sheila. You and I have the same bicycle! I love, love your kit - the colors are so soft and romantic and that rose is gorgeous!

I finished! I was so inspired by everyone who made kits. I can't wait to download them.

Linda, don't you just LOVE that adorable bicycle?
This is turning out to be another awesome blogtrain, and I am so excited to start scrapping with it:)

Here is the link that will have my portion of the blog train, it is scheduled to go live Nov. 1st so the link isn't active yet. I will add the preview later.

Just finished my portion which will be available to download on the 1st November. I'll be back tomorrow with the preview and link. Such wonderful contributions.

Hello ladies!

I noticed some of you are still missing in the actual SIGN UP THREAD. This thread (very confusingly) is full of previews, but this is NOT the actual blogtrain list we will be referring to once the train goes choo-choo... This one is only for show and tell, Q-and-A and boosting and complimenting smiley


I'm glad to know that Melouise. I thought we were supposed to post a preview here before the actual sign-up. Guess that's not necessary, huh?

Our blog train rules are apparently so simple they are confusing. All you have to do is post your preview and link in the sign up thread. Everything else is just chit chat.

LOL Marisa.

Love the vintage look of all the kits, can't wait to start downloading tomorrow, thanks everyone!

Ahh! Now I understand, thanks for the info Linda smiley
Definitely planning on joining the December train!

Thanks Kiana, I know what to do now smiley

Love all the kits everyone has created. So much talent on this site. I have finally posted a kit for you. God bless and have a great Thanksgiving everyone.