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Oh you can count me in too!!!

I would love to participate. This will be my 1st blog train, yay!
Thanks so much Marissa for running this and letting newbies in.

Count me in to, it will also be my first blog train smiley

Love these colors and theme! I can't wait to get started!

Love this palette. Such rich colors.

Beautiful colors! I will try to get time to make something and join in smiley)

Wow, so many people joining in, this is going to be an AWESOME Blogtrain!!! I can't wait to see everything!! I will definitely try to throw something together!!

This blogtrain thing is gradually becoming a huge choochoo!! So cool there are fresh designers joining in every month. Welcome!

count me in, love this palette smiley smiley

Mines all made and ready to go smiley

I would like to have some glitter sticker...but as I'm french, it's a little bit hard to find some others word "thankful" or thank you...but "what's else????" ..;TYSM in advance

Can't wait to see all your parts Ladies...

@Marina, not all synonyms, but what about: gratitude, blessings, celebrate, traditions, memories, harvest, bountiful, feast, cornucopia

Well, I finished mine and here it is. This was quite the challenge for me with these colors. I am more of a pumpkin, scarecrow, and all things Fall kinda girl. I really couldn't think of what to add, I'm not creative like that, until my sweet daughter made me some apple and acorn clipart. I decided to just go with that, and of course I had to throw some burlap in there. My daughter and I made some twine bows, curly strings and other fun stuff to photo, then I extracted them and threw them in the mix. I think it turned out cute, different, but cute:) I will make a better
preview and post the link when the time comes and Marisa puts up the thread for it. Until then, happy designing ladies, I can't wait to see what
everyone else has made.

Wow Sheila, this is great! Love it, you did an awesome job!!

Your kit looks adorable Sheila! Better get a move on my own smiley

@Shelia,your kit is soooooo cute,love the elements,twine (can i have some?) Hehehehehe and the papers.Great job,you always make such great kits,you are a blessed and talented designer.
I am almost finished with mine,almost,tho it won't be as big as my last one,lol,but if i don't stop making elements,i think it will.

Thank you all for the great compliments... I didn't know if it would coordinate well or not... I forgot to mention that my kit will, as always, be
commercial use friendly when it goes live:)

@Mersija: Thanks so much for the compliments. I know what you mean about not being able to stop making elements..haha. I get that way
sometimes, its just so neat when you get on a roll:)

Oh, Can I post my preview too? Mine is also ready. I had a bit of a hard time too with this pallete but because of different reasons. This color pallete and the theme made me think of a BIG reverse I had in my life some 6 years ago, and the lots of humility I learned. And than I thought about how grateful I was and still am for my faith that really kept me going through the hard days... The kit came out reflecting all of this, I guess. Sort of serious and very Roman Catholic oriented. But I am hopeful everyone will find something here to scrap their faith pics... (It is so hard to find kits for this theme isn't it?) It'll be up the first next month!

I have to go know,but will come back and answer you ladies.I am a volunteer peer counselor at a pro-life ministry the pregnancy center in my town and have a few clients today.I will talk with you later.

Cintia, this is a beautiful kit! I especially love your flowers and the round element of Christ with the lamb. smiley

I really need to get my butt in gear designing my kit!

Thank you Mersija and Catherine!

@Mersija:What a beautiful job you have!!!
@Sheila: Oh, I love your kit!!! I can't wait for next month to come! I wish I was "not creative" like you!!!!! smiley
@Catherine: Go get it girl!!! Put your thinking cap on! smiley

Cinthia: I´m not a Christian, but I´ll for sure have use for your Christian ellies - already thought of at least two pages to make with them. You are growing a lot as a designer! Congratz!

Sheilla: I don´t know what to say about your portion without being repetitive: Like your previous kits, I simply love it...

OMG, I didn´t even begin mine... And I want to try making everything from scratch this time...

Looking good! I'm also starting to feel the pressure to get started now, maybe today...

Thank you girls!!! I am sure they will be fabulous!
@ lórien; I can't wait to see what you scrap. smiley

@Cintia: I absolutely LOVE your kit! It is so inpiring to me. Especially love the flowers and Jesus and the Lamb, and the little praying children, well, just everything,lol!

@Cintia: I LOVE your kit!
I truly enjoy the religious theme and can't wait to upload it.
Great job sweetie!!
You and i had similar idea's about the kit and i agree we don't see very many religious kits out there.

@Sheila... awesome preview, i love your kit, you got me excited & can't wait to start working on mine too. smiley

thank you so much with those ideas!!!!

Ladies all you part are awesome...well done!!!