PS October 2013 Blog Train Comments

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PS October 2013 Blog Train Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until October 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Marisa, will there be a list posted that we can link to so people will be able to follow the train? Is it a good idea to link our part to the one before and after? I assume it's our responsibility to do that? I looked through the ones already posted and they are gorgeous!! I can't wait to get them all. Now I have to get started on my November contribution. This is so much fun!!

Hi Linda,

You can post the list in your blog, but what you are required to do is to post a link to this post (at least for the october blog train) So people can find all the parts. I do think it is easier this way. smiley

Hi Cintia,
Yep, I did that already. I just wondered if there would be a list created for us to link back to on our blogs. Other blog trains I've followed always have a main list posted somewhere in case people "get lost" as they follow the links.

So are you saying we just create a link to the actual blog post where everyone is putting their parts of the kit then they follow that? There won't be a "master list" for people to follow? This is the first one I've done and I think the first train I've followed on Pixel Scrapper so I wasn't sure how it was done here.

Thanks for your help.
Linda smiley

The previews look great! Thank you so much to all the talented designers. smiley

I love what everyone did with their part this month. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

all the previews are looking great.. can't wait for the blog train to leave!!

@Linda We are not required to have a list of links on our blog post, or a link to the next person's blog. This forum thread serves the purpose of a master list so it's the only link required. Its visible by the public so anyone who visits your blog can view the other contributions by following that link.

It's also why we have two separate threads for comments regarding the blog train contributions and the designers' previews, so the preview thread doesn't get cluttered.

Hope that helps!

smiley Catherine

They are so many beautiful contributions this month, I can't wait for the blog train to start! smiley & I'm so looking forward to participate in more blog trains! smiley

Gorgeous work, ladies. I love the colors and I'm so impressed by the beautiful work that you have all done. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

Thanks for your lovely creations everyone! I can't wait to start downloading!!

This month I haven´t done a portion for this blog train... I´m somehow sad about it, since it´s the first Pixel Scrapper blog train I´m not in, even with a tiny part... However, I don´t know why, the mojo didn´t flow this time... But there are some amazing portions on this one, this is one of my favorite blog trains since we started, if not the best ever!Congrats ladies....

I agree, all the contributions are gorgeous. I didn't even know about this train, but now that I do I'll be sure to try and get in on November's.

This is the first blog train I have participated in and I have a slight case of the nerves! lol. smiley Everyone's contributions are beautiful and I love the thankful theme. I can't wait to see the pages people share!

Okay, just to make absolutely certain that I do this correctly, I post my little freebie on my blog, and then link to the other thread (the blog train thread), and people can just go from there... This is my first Pixel Scrapper Blog Train, and I am SO excited because they all look absolutely gorgeous!!! I just want to do it correctly!

@Melissa, that sounds right:) Then your all ready to go!!

Hey ladies, if you give me like another 10 minutes, I've been putting together a list of links for everyone so once I'm done I'll post it here and on the actual list forum post smiley

So many people! I can't believe how big this thing is!

Hey guys! Everyone's part is just amazing this month! You all did a fantastic job smiley BTW, thanks for the scatters (my favorite element EVER!) This is gonna be one awesome mega kit! Thanks to you all!

Thanks for the list, Sharilynn! I'm so excited to be part of this fabulous blog train. Such lovely contributions. smiley

Thanks for making the list Sharilynn. Everyone did a wonderful job on this blog train. It's my first of many with Pixel Scrappers. smiley

Marisa, you host the best blog trains in the world! I love all the beautiful parts and am in awe of the variety. Everyone is so unique and creative in their designs. For all those that participated, thank you. I tried to comment on most blogs but those who left direct links deserve a big "Thank you."

By the way, I despise the captcha codes. I hope people will consider shutting them off when we do trains.

This blog train has got to be the best yet! Beautiful work everyone!

@Lou Anne Which sites make you do captcha codes? I hope mine doesn't.

AMAZING work ladies!!! Thank you all so much for your contributions! I tried to leave love everywhere, but my fingers got tired!
BTW Rachel, your blog doesn't. I think it's all the Google ones...

Thank you so much ladies! You all did amazing work! I love how the mega kit of this blog train comes together.

Since I don't have a blog yet I referred to my portion on my Dropbox account, but I just noticed that due to the excessive traffic my link got temporarily suspended. I also became aware that some had trouble opening my .rar file.

Therefore, I now have changed my portion into a .zip file and located it on another web-hosting, so if you have experienced some trouble before, please try again! It should be working fine now smiley. (So much trial and error on this first blog train for me haha smiley). If there still are some problems let me know!

Just a little THANK YOU for all the fantastic blog train pieces. smiley smiley

Glad I was able to help out by providing the master list! smiley

This train has grown so big, it's great! Thank you to everyone involved. I'm headed out to download a few right now...then more later smiley

For all of those that have already grabbed my part from my blog - it was brought to my attention that one of the papers (05) from the mini kit wasn't opening. I have fixed the paper and you can get it with a link on my blog or right here. For those that haven't been to my blog to grab my part - I also fixed the zip file - so the paper is now correct in it.

I haven't had time to follow the blog train yet - but I'm excited to go through and grab the goodies! The previews look fabulous! What a wonderfully huge blog train!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! To all the contributors!!!!