Sept 2015 Blog Train - Final List

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Finally, my part is done! Sorry for the delay.

Download here

My part is here on my blog

My portion is ready on my blog.

My part is on my blog

Pixel Scrapper subscribers can download HERE.
Non-subscribers can download on MY BLOG.

So ME! Loved this them and color palette. Here's my portion. You can find it on my blog at Coop's Custom Creations.

Then scoot over to my FB page for the QP from the kit. Coop's Custom Creations FB.

Here's our portion!

Download it on our blog!

Dropbox Download

My part for the blog train - loved this palette! Download it from my blog here

Mine should be ready sometime tomorrow (2 September). We just got back from vacation. smiley

Amazing contributions so far. I really loved the color pallet and theme this month! my mini kit can be found here.

Sorry, running late smiley **** NOTE: Changed the link to Dropbox ****

A little late to the game here. Never even had a chance to post my preview in the working forum Ive just been so busy juggling a colicky newborn & starting our homeschooling back up. But this is what I squeezed in. Hope you like it! Just click on the image for a direct download!

here's another stop for all you lovely vagabonds out there! enjoy smiley

Here's my portion you can pick up on my Facebook page. Stop by and say hi!



For those of you non-FBers, pick it up here

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***
If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

I fixed the link to my download. Thank you so much to those of you who let me know!!!PS-Blog-Train-Freebies/cmbz/55df53360cf269cc03e3e1ae

I finally made my mini kit available on my blog as well. So if you didn't have a chance to grab it from the commons, just head on over to Sunshine Inspired Designs Blog

I'm several days late. Sorryyyy!!! I hope you'll find it was worth the wait. Such a fun palette and theme, and so many beautiful contributions from all the designers. I went crazy creating this time, too...

Important Note: if you are subscribed to my newsletter, check your inbox for the links to ALL of my freebies for this month. This will save you time, hopping around from my blog to Facebook, etc. If you're not subscribed and you'd like to be, the form is here.

Part 1 is on my blog

Part 2 is on my Facebook page

Part 3 is for my newsletter subscribers only. There are 3 previews but only 1 download (check your newsletter for the links - if you signed up for my newsletter and you haven't received your email with the links, send me a PM here on Pixel Scrapper with your email address and I will contact you directly).

There are also 9 add-on kits (or full bundle) for sale at my new website.

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get my contribution up. It has been so crazy around here, and I've been gone more than I've been home...between getting my son settled at college, funerals, hospital visits, etc! I have two mini kits for you, which can be downloaded at

Also, be looking for 4 additional add-ons plus a paper pack in my shop at .

Here are the previews for the add-ons:

Ack, I'm completely late! So sorry for the delay. smiley

My portion can be found HERE on my Facebook business page. Or, if you're a subscriber, it'll be available HERE on Pixel Scrapper as of 9/15. Or, if you don't have access to either of those platforms, just shoot an email my way for a direct download link. smiley


I have now uploaded my part to, Dropbox, and Google Drive. All links are now in post #57, and on my freebie thread Dancing Tiger Designs

Late but still present. You can find my kit HERE

Here are all links for each of the 6 paper kits I made:



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive



Download from OR Dropbox OR Google Drive

Happy downloading! smiley


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