Sept 2016 Blog Train - Comments

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Sept 2016 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until September 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this blog train -- even if you haven't yet posted in the Final List, I know from the previews people have posted in the Working Thread that there are some lovely kits to collect. I'm looking forward to September!!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the contributions, and I thank you all for giving of your work!
A special thank you to Laurel Stone and Sally Stiglmayer for their kits, as they are EXACTLY what I was looking for!
Thank you!

You're welcome Lisel - I hope you enjoy using them. smiley

Lovely job ladies!

@Dawn - love the playground twist! smiley

I really struggled with this one as the theme and the colors just weren't jiving with me!!

I had the same problem Rene! But I love what you came up with. For me, I finally just picked a few colors and found a twist I could work with. Come to find out Victorians used dumb bells and did gymnastics too smiley

You're so welcome, Lisel!

And to everyone else- everything looks fantastic! Can't wait to start using all the contributions!

Marisa, just letting you know that your link in the final list to this comments thread is 'broken' - it just goes to the palette image on Flickr instead.

I did the same with a few colors, Jessica. Not surprised we were in the same boat this month as I always love your designs!! smiley

Hi @all,
the complete parts of this blogtrain are so amazing, such things are not easy to find on the net;
thank you so much for the great job you've done smiley

I was informed that my elements and charm download was the same. I have fixed them, so you can grab the elements here now if you missed them.

Would like to say thank you for all your hard work.
Special mention to Andene Sailors, long long have I been waiting to find -to me good looking trucks. Thanks.

To everyone who has left comments when downloading my kits -- I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for taking the time out to say such nice things. I really appreciate them, and I want you to know that you've made my day!

Thanks once again for a superb TRAIN and all the creative work . Loved the colorful theme and palette!

Can't wait to see the new train and create with all the goodies. Thank you to everyone who designed this month!

I would like to thank all the good designers who make all these varieties of papers and elements. smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

This is in response to Angela on the "Final List" thread. I don't think anyone was being malicious. I think a couple of people, who just didn't know any better, were commenting on each and every persons comment from the final list. I'm sure the moderator will fix it eventually.

Like Erin, this is also in response to Angela on the Final List -- the link to this comments thread is broken, and just goes to the palette image on Flickr. Maybe people just weren't aware of how to get onto the correct thread??

Just an FYI for Jessica Dunn- your zip file is empty (at least that is what my computer is telling me). Everything in the train looks fabulous, everyone!

Thanks to everyone for all the hours you put into your contributions!! THANKS!!!! smiley

Hey Laurel ~ I have had a few people have some issues with the zip. I've downloaded it successfully and unzipped the download with no issues [3 times now] so Im not sure whats causing it. I triple checked this zip before I went live with it. And even today I downloaded it to make sure it was still working. Yet some people still have issues with it. Its pretty hard trying to figure out whats wrong when I cannot replicate it smiley I'll go ahead and post an alternative link for those who still have issues. Thanks for letting me know!

EDIT: Alternate link is now up.

I've cleaned up the List thread. People just get so excited about the wonderful things everyone has made they can't contain themselves smiley Nothing wrong with that.

Jessica- the new link worked perfectly! Thank you!!!

Many heartfelt and awed thanks to this month's contributing designers. I am always more than impressed with what people come up with - for free! - on the blog trains, but this month was really something special. The opportunity to focus on one particular sport showcased some really talented and creative designs. I am not sporty, or related to anyone sporty lol, but some of these kits make me want to take up gymnastics and ballroom dancing so I can scrap photos of it! But I will be using pieces of many of the kits to document our walks and hikes with the dog. So thank you all for your talent and generosity!

A special thanks out to Tina, Karen, and Diry for remembering those of us non-athletes like me who try to get their exercise in the gym. smiley - now I have an excuse for those workout selfies I secretly took last week! Cool kits!

@Rene and Jessica: your designs are always spectacular and just my style; this month you outdid yourselves with a theme that initially gave you pause, so thanks!

@Rene, I have been having trouble with your links, and the website in general when I went to your blog directly. I haven't been able to download your part yet - just wanted to mention it, in case it is not something specific to my PC.

Thank you to everyone. I spent most of today browsing and downloading. What I need to do now is start scrapping! so many pretty things to look at though!

Thank you to all the wonderful people whose kits I downloaded!

Thank you to all of the designers that had kits in the September blog train and the others. I loved them all.

Susannah - I am not sure why you're having trouble downloading from my site but I do have one other person with the same problem. Feel free to email me directly and I will send you any links that aren't working for you.

Thank you!

All the kits r wonderful! Kudos to all of u!!!

TYVM to all you ladies for each contribution to Sept BT, specially the wonderful papers.